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Suffered from a very very rare neurologic neurological disease, and he was born with it's not what killed him. But it it it caused him problems all of his life, and it's it's called charcoal. Marie tooth syndrome. You know? And this thing is not understood and it's not funded, and they don't spend a lot of money on it. And they really should. And I dump a lot of money into that. You know? And then I would double out of money into the thing that I've got. Which is the spinal thing called ankylosing spondylitis all these things in my family, and I can't say so I mean, we all have our favorite places, but a lot of money just bothers me. Does it bother you? Twenty ask you that question. Are you bothered by big money? And of course, if you won this this six hundred and fifty four that's the annuity or the three hundred seventy to catch up front. What are you gonna do with it? Seriously. What would you do with it? And do you think I'm out of my mind? Doing what I said I would do with it is my money. I can damn well do what I want to do with it. I wonder if you if you pick this up three hundred seventy two million would your phone ever stop ringing from people who knew you back in the third grade. That would be my biggest fear. Hey, Ray, we bet one time back at the food Bank in nineteen fifty nine. And I need some money to buy a new car, right? There's always that that threat. And imagine how many fraudulent schemes are gonna come your way. Ways for you to make more money with your money while the individual, you know, talk to you about the fraudulent scheme has got the is on your wallet will tempt to grab every piece they can without giving you a dime. So big money invites a lot of problems that I just don't want now. What I turned big money down. No, I've already established what I do with it..

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