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With weight management services at SNL to Paul hospital Lizzy thanks for joining us again thank you for having me what is plant based nutrition so nutrition is based on the idea of cleaning your diet around plant based products solely so this could be in a vegetarian diet where you dear plant based foods as well as a few animal products but it might just click me they could just cleared eggs and cheese is if you wanted to go for the genuine have any animal products in your diet at all so that in that case all of your nutritional becoming from plant product in this see what's the difference between a vegan diet and a plant based diet a plant based diet and a little more broad terms so a plant based diet could suggest that you are simply more vegetarians where is where you have like this plant products in your diet that you still consume some animal products like cheeses eggs milk a vegan diet suggests that you cut out all animal products from your diet and everything that you consume comes from plant products what are the health benefits of a plant based diet so plant based diet do you have a lot of research to back then and you can certainly have a well balanced diet by a still eating plant based foods but it does take a little more planning to make sure you meet all your nutrition requirement so studies show that plant based diet could have that impact on health overall including things like reducing risk for obesity reducing rest for cardiovascular disease diabetes and hearing cancers on the plant based diet you have been researched on her own and if they just that day provide lots of health and that any drawbacks to a plant based diet so Jonathan plant based diet you know it kind of depends on each consumer I like to give some caution to people who are planning their own plant based diet because there are lots of products out there for people who are replacing their meets with nine meat products you know some of these are very process though there are still lots of processed foods that contain excess sodium and saturated fat in plant based foods you can also get vitamin deficiencies if you aren't careful with planning your diet out to meet your nutritional requirements can you get enough protein on a plant based diet you can especially if you have some types of in all products in your diet like X. cheeses milk products you can still get lots of protein from plant based products things like beans workin night speeds so long as you're trying to consume on some of the students that each of your meals you're probably gonna be okay on protein we're talking with Lucy queens and she's a clinical dietitian with weight management services at SSM health to Paul hospital Lizzie I think we're all familiar with the impossible burger and beyond burger these days tell us about those what are the ingredients in those so the impossible burger and then beyond burger they do each have their own unique ingredients they aren't the same ingredients on the lot of what they're doing is using some common products that we've seen in other plant based it's like story monk fruit but instead they're adding some ingredients you it to make it more like me on the case of the impossible burger they've taken a gene around the east that gives it that bleeding quality and they added it to the burger and genetically engineered it and that that key for like any great products is that what he is yes so they I have added the scene quality from the east and added it to that beyond burger and that's what gives it that almost indescribable taste of meat do you think this craze for plant based products is going to continue I think so I don't think we've seen the end of it especially because more people are becoming what we would call selective hearing in meaning that they're still eating meat products or animal products that they're just becoming more conscious of consuming more plant based needs because they think of the health implications or they're wanting to be more environmentally friendly that's where these have come on the market just fill that gap I think we haven't seen the end of plant based product do you have any tips for people who want to get started with a plant based diet how do you do it to get started I would I wish I just starting off with finding some proteins that you really like it that our plant based on and seeing where you can start incorporating them into your diet I've seen a lot of people who just simply start out saying you know I'm gonna do a meatless Monday in trying to plan out your meals on Mondays to be more plant based you could also try just simply adding more vegetables to your diet so are you eating at three to five servings that we recommend a day and it's not hacking Easter adding those into that you meet the requirements for the day if you go to the store to shop for plant based meets what should you look for on the label so I would try to go with the least amount of sodium that you can also take a look at saturated fat the life of the plant based needs because they're so processed and because they have to the shelf stable thank you at quite a bit of sodium the look for something that's going to be the lowest that you can find the my suggestion is if it's an entree item try to keep your sodium at least under six hundred milligrams for the entree or the whole entire meal because anything over that is gonna be excessive if you look at the impossible burger for instance the sodium on that is almost twelve hundred milligrams so it it shows that you can go overboard either with something that's labeled as more of a health conscious item busy thanks a lot for your time thank you for having me this sequence in as a clinical dietitian with weight management services at SSM health to Paul hospital that's all the time we have for this week's show thanks so much for this thing I really do appreciate it if you want your parts of the show again please log on to cable extract common look under the podcast section this is cable excel creditor Fred Bodmer please join us again next week.

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