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Rising cases of covert 19 in France, causing concern and leaders are asking for citizens to help Bobby C. An anti French prime minister John Kass, Tex. Saying the country's Corona virus outbreak is clearly worsening, he says. For the first time in several weeks, there's been a significant rise in hospitalizations on people taken to the EU with covert 19. This as a number of European countries worry about a possible second wave of the pandemic, the prime minister urging responsible behavior but adding that there are no plans for a new nationwide locked down, saying We need to be able to live with the virus. In London. Simon now in Fox News, Louisiana, is further loosening its covert 19 restrictions. But one city is leaving things the way they are. For now. Louisiana's Phase three will include a loosening of restrictions on public gatherings, but New Orleans is opting to keep those restrictions in place. Mayor LaToya Cantrell, however, says school buildings will start opening the phase that we're now his Children attending public school being on a path to getting instruction in the classroom. So this is a huge step. New Orleans had been a cove in 19 hot spot earlier this year. Statewide, a mask order remains in effect. Evan Brown Fox News Following the less than stellar theatrical release of Christopher Nolan's Tenet Warner Brothers is delaying the release of his next big film Wonder Woman. 1984 to Christmas Day, The sequel to the Wonder Woman movie was due to be in theaters October 2nd. Consumer prices rose 4.4% in August as used. Car prices surged by the largest amount in 51 years later Harbin reporting the August increase in the consumer price index reflected some moderation following big gain the 510.6% in both June and July. As the pace of the interview. Price gains slowed..

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