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Of the week may fifteenth, and we are up in your bills for a year another shot at crack at that next kiss. On a follow Vichy. Go. Think about it. I wanna. Good every time. The. Faking google? Bishen? Pick me place. That you'd say. Decision. She says that she's never afraid. Just picture. Everybody. Naked. She really doesn't act. Now really into. Me. Guessing. Faking. Been. Take me place. Feud facing? Decision. Nice. Kid way too far. No, we'd be. We would be all right. If you mess that mood in the dark, unknown. We'd be. If we. Would it be? Faking google? Places. Facing? Mendez? There's nothing hold me back. I want to point seven kiss him. Good morning y'all midway through midway through the week. Very exciting. I was just reading an article about what's going to be trendy this summer in terms of wardrobe. That's my trending report. Yeah. Report that the tourists. The tourist look is the new look like there's been a lot that's been made a about dad bod's and dad fashion rain and then dad when he travels who looks like a tourist, yes, that's now invoke the Hawaiian type looking pattern and the flip flops and the fanny pack. That's now on Trent fanny packs are beyond like, everyone has a fanny benefit fanny pack around your chest. Yes. Not around your hips for ladies. I feel like we can get away with it for guys for sure on your chest. I'm very happy about tourist wear being on trend because I feel like in southern California, especially you can really wear Taurus where but you can look like you're on vacation with the climate every day. Like a tourist I feel do you think? So I wear mostly hoodies, and jeans though, like, remember, your vanish, you'd were all the time. It's not a tour shirt. That's local literally. Seen it in a long time. Shrunk so much. Get more meat for sure didn't know it shrunk so much like I washed it so many words so often so fast and washing. So frequently that the sleeves shrunk way up by the way. So I can't think I normally get my to my form on the inside on my veins here right there. That's a great spot. So what I'm doing? I'm doing extra like form curls too wide my formal bit. So I can put some on my form. Now, do you know what you wanna do? No. But I know the location. Good good half the battle. It's great. Isn't it isn't the perfect spot for dude? I love it because you can still covered up. If you're wearing a suit, exactly. And if you let's be honest if you saw me on the phone and you saw my forearm tattoo on his farm. He's got edge. I would love it. I think it's great. All right field, tiny, no opinion on this. I hate it. Perfect. I'm doing it. No. I'm over you getting too. Well, sorry. He was like no tattoos the new tattoo. That's that's what I read. Yeah. And that's what kind of agree with now. Now, I don't really want you to match me walking down the street my tourist where with some sort of saying on my form. I don't think you need edge. I don't think it needs to be lyrics though with lyrics. Not lyrics sang. But you can't read it unless you're really close. Design or a picture of something. Really? Yeah. All right. Well, actually drawn. Let's come back in just a minute. We're gonna.

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