President Trump, Mcconnell, Austin Texas discussed on Gwinn F Lippert


I'm Jane Metzler fox news the speaker Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer location is New York City office the topic the president's upcoming impeachment trial set to start Tuesday afternoon in the Senate Schumer says his Republican counterpart has yet to announce the ground rules every few days there's some new revelation it makes the case against the president stronger makes the case for witnesses and documents stronger so whether it's because McConnell knows the trials to cover up and wants to which through as quickly as possible or because he's afraid even more evidence will come out he's trying to rush it through that is wrong Schumer says it will take for courageous Republicans to side with Democrats to allow new witness testimony and new documents introduced as evidence his talk tonight in Austin Texas at a farmer's convention focusing on his trade policies what president trump clearly could not avoid mentioning the I word we're achieving what no administration has ever achieved before and what do I get out of it tell me I get impeached that's when I get out of by these radical left lunatics I get impeached but that's okay the farmers is stick it would drop a landlord tenant dispute turning deadly in Honolulu please tell our Honolulu affiliate he stabbed his landlord this morning she was serving him an induction notice her children were taken to a neighbor's house so she could be treated for injuries at a nearby hospital two officers responded to the assault call at the suspect's home near diamond head that's when the man allegedly opened fire shooting the responding officers one was a woman at the other one manifolds.

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