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Did it take to make a decision like that to change? Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of internal kind of turmoil at some point. You know what I mean? I feel like loyalty is one of my values and it's hard to kind of leave Brad, you know what I mean? I have a good relationship with him and I respect him a lot, but also I think I needed to go more from the growth point of view for myself. You know, I have been there for a long time. You know, you get to a point where you wonder how I would go in an environment like triple-A on a main can I succeed? Can I learn? Can I contribute and so, you know, when the opportunity comes up, you really have to take it. So, and it's been really good for me. And I've been enjoying it with the team. How is the structure of the team significantly different to what you've experienced previously? Yeah, it is interesting, obviously triple it very well polished team. Their processes are amazing. The attitude and the team is excellent. They always want to do better in everything. And so they're critical and everything they do and we will work to make it better and that's a challenging and tough environment, but also rewarding at the same time. So yeah, I enjoy that. And yeah, and hopefully we can keep going in the future. And Shane van gisbergen is he significantly different to any other driver you've worked with? I don't know about significant. He's certainly he's racecraft, I guess, is well documented. He's incredible when it comes to the race. Just the way he can manage the car and the stint. And understand the strategy and the competitors and setting up passes. I think he's amazing when it comes to that. And once again, I like working with these guys that are they've got intensity that they like racing and they want to they want to push and do everything they can to win. So it's great working with a guy at that level. You've been doing this job for a fair while now and I don't mean to aid you. So you're a lot of experience. You know what to call on when certain situation arises when Shane comes in since the car is doing this or that or the other. You've got a good idea on a direction to go with the car. Does he play a larger role in engineering than other drivers you're working with? Look, I mean, in terms of engineering, the thing we certainly work as a team, you know, we've got a we've got Jeremy at the top of the as technical director and managing at the car and certainly always coming up with ideas on what we want to do with the car and that's another reason why it is very because we do work well as a team and come up with ideas together. But Shane obviously has a very good feel. And he gives good feedback, but he doesn't manage any direction of the car. So he really gives the feedback, but engineering does the decision making on really what to do there. So I think that works well. He's free to push the car and kind of give what he thinks. But I guess on the other side of it, it's not his responsibility and shouldn't be the driver's responsibility to engineer the car. So we try and make sure that we do

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