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The show while the sixties were a hotbed of racial tension the twenties were tents for anyone who didn't fit the impose rigid social and cultural framework that existed at the time like the sixties the twenties were also heavy handed when it came to dealing without liars in both law enforcement and the government were quick to respond but it was under these condition that a famous actress decided to write a play about two gay men with the full intention of having it shaina brightest spotlight on a lifestyle that was perceived as evil morally corrupt and possibly criminal in the mid twenties mae west was still early in her career well it wouldn't be until she was in her forties that fame finally revealed itself to elevate her to the rank of hollywood elites of the day her anti conformity was visible well before the bright lights may didn't see social economic barriers when she made friends she was well known for spending her time off with anyone and everyone who shared her sense of humor and her wild streak and while keeping such low rent company would have spurned societal scrutiny and possibly prevented an average woman's rise in the ranks of show business may was far from average her intelligence and her ability to read people allowed her to sidestep these puritanical pitfalls just enough to keep that sweetness that never left a bad taste in anyone's mouth but there were times when even may couldn't stop herself from crossing the line the most agreed of these times was in nineteen twenty seven when she would step so far over she would put in motion a confrontation with the police that eventually landed her in jail and created a lot at shutdown theaters let's back up a bit and take a look at what started this entire conflict in nineteen twenty six may wrote produced directed and starred in a little play called sex as racy is the name was there was definitely a plot to.

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