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Only thirty five. is it really going to take that long. especially when you take into consideration the fact that we're very very proud of our technology and our ability to meet things with the market the market will solve our problems. well if you set up plastic companies as competitors to see who can get there first with the seventy five percent recycled plastic would you do it right. can't you do it faster with two thousand five if you use market forces. I really want to know how you feel about this eight zero eight zero eight one zero eighty eighty eight ten. the topic is vast but it all comes down to this. we are doing a lot a lot as Californians to try to address pollution. and waste and the climate. land air sea sky we're trying to do all of that. are we moving fast enough. is it all necessary how do you feel about the emphasis that it's given. it's all about the personal. eight zero eight zero eight one zero Jean in San Jose is going to kick us off your hygiene. hi. you're on the air okay let me turn off my radio I'll be quick I I am just totally in support of doing whatever we can and act as a local consumer. I'm willing to bring my own bags I I wish stores had the containers were if you're getting catch up you go when you use the lever and you pour the liquid catch up in their own thing I mean I think we can do that with so much stuff she shampoo is that you're not going to spoil any kind of shampoo is somebody else's dealing with I wonder why we don't do that for conditioners well I'm not even talking shampoo I mean if there was a big joke let's say I've never thought about before big thing a catch up in the store and unable to bring my own empty bottles from home I kill it up I do I pull the lever down and I fill it up and I go through checkout that's interesting gene and I thank you for that I wonder how many people are willing to go that far food coops used to be that way you know they they would cut pieces of me to pieces of cheese or whatever from a huge about to let you take home what you wanted much as you seem groceries but they would do the same thing with cleaning goods and personal products and some foods where they could keep it safe and sane eight zero eight zero eight one zero let's get more of you online here Colleen in Cupertino hi welcome to the show. so thank you I agree with the last caller should be doing everything we can we only have one plan that and I want I'm I'm almost sixty so I would want my children my grandchildren to hatch all the benefits I have enjoyed through my life so I was just going to say I love that many of the take out places and things where I've been frequenting have compostable plastic utensils. and I pay attention to that and they go into you know a. close we have three bins one the garbage once recycle it wanted compost bin very little garbage gets created in our house and I am I like to make it as little as possible I think it's important okay let me ask you are your friends on the same train you're on with that. most of them are yeah I would say so. just because although not all exact not all in my immediate circle either Colleen thank you for the call eight zero eight zero eight one zero how is this playing at your house. who do you stand with for example. on this issue of having California cars meet the standards they had to meet under the Obama administration and the goals that were established during the Obama administration it means you personally might have to settle up and buy a new car. what do you think about Washington saying we can't do that. or that the automotive companies that have decided to do that with us they can't do that. how is it playing for you in theory and as a policy and how is it playing for you personally. I someday may have to kiss my dearly beloved two thousand four Honda goodbye I will weep. it can't be made into electric vehicle I've looked into that can't do it something to do with the not aware flows over it or something I would give up the storage space for the batteries can't do that. what about you what are you willing to do and are you willing to absorb the impact. we got colors eighty eighty eight ten eight zero eight zero eight one zero to reach us here on KGO eight ten and even to take more of those calls on the other side of this break I Nancy coral Patterson has taken the day off I'm sitting in just for today she's back tomorrow see if I can just only on KGO. your listening about thirsting show filling in for Pat today it's Angie Coiro on KGO eight ten. you know the world's upside down when Jay's on Twitter calling up bad behavior in the NFL because it hurts his fantasy team my fantasy team has ray rice and J..

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