A new story from Noble Warrior with CK Lin


Our conversation keeping that in mind in it takes a while to start to see that. Wait a minute maybe this kind of go with my first impulses such a good idea because it's not serving me that well yet. That's what all the experts are saying. So i just suggest that we take the time to kind of examine this a little bit in. We look at how we make decisions in. We see well as it. Actually taking me to where i want to get to. Yes or no and if it's not then it's probably because restricting our human mindset. We don't understand the champions mind yet. And that's why i say that. The journey from early developmental exposure to environments people places and things will inform us about certain things but over time we can develop a wisdom that supersedes that where we're making predictable choices that can accurately take us from where we are where we to get to but it takes time in the game and it takes receptivity a willingness to learn and apply unconventional wisdom conventional wisdom..

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