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Be belot or some might argue differently because this gives mckee some leverage that may actually work against bell tower in the future. But i think for the most part. This event was I know we're just about mckee. But he's still directly tied to its success. I think his success Was good for the good for the company as a whole Even again we don't know how much how much he's going to be there. But the tv came out. It didn't look people but again. There's you know things. Taking account would shop showcase x. amount of households and You know the us's matter households and so and so and so and so forth This was huge. This was this was answered a lot of questions. This is the the most homegrown guy. I think that That beltre's ever had yes. We've had michael chandler. We've had people himself but this guy is literally eighteen as a pro. all invalid for Has been super hype from day one. Of course the son of antonio mckee highly revered All these stories but what this kid would be some day and to see actually become it. It's pretty rare animated that we see them. We see a fighter sent that mountaintop so perfectly on their on their first try so to speak He absolutely did it It's it's reminiscent. Frankly of like conor mcgregor ronda rousey. He's nowhere near that level star power but if you want to talk about these these narratives we painted for these for these future stars before they even made it. This guy lived up to that hype. It was an awesome performance. A little bit of controversy with stoppage maybe but not not not so much that i think it overshadowed anything. There's room for a rebadged will also be good for him. I think sky's the limit cliche to say But it's never even more true with him. I know people been saying that for a long time. But it's never been more chew with asian mckee and it's a shame that I feel like again. This is a big hit for bell. Tour This might be the end of the ufc as we know it You know course. I i didn't i didn't want to say it right away. I mean you know spencer. I'm sorry you went to look for new job I think this is the warmest turned and del. Toro's now ready with this with this. Star is now maybe two ready to ascend to the number one promotion in in the in the world. So my condolences are really. Wow so we go to you spencer. What we talked about what was best for business on the show and aj mckee winner patricia. Pit when it was over. I mean it was just a resounding obvious answers mckee because it opens a lot more doors you have all these options and he becomes even bigger star than you know. He may have looked like coming in and the way. You portrayed himself on saturday. Spencer like just a walkout the reaction he got to me he uis star like he was the star of the show. What did you think of his performance and just like his overall demeanor on saturday night because it looks like he's getting ready to take a walk in the park. As opposed getting into a fight with patricia pit bull. I wanna start by going back to last weekend. And acknowledging jets terrible takes that we saw play out just horribly when we discussed this one said pimple was going to run through a jay. Mckee totally didn't happen exact opposite in fact it couldn't have been any different than jed forecasted to. He got angry. When i said people would be discussing. Who is the best in the world. And where does aj mckee fitting that pecking order and lo and behold here. We are me with the title belt over my shoulder discussing that in the opening segment of my second successful title defense coming up shots jed get-well-soon comeback with your terrible takes. I'll beat you again. Whenever you're health asbury mckee. I mean you said he looked. This was the star making kind of performance. The delatour wanted needed. And that frankly. A lot of people expected i need as alex said he is a the the epitome of a homegrown talent eighteen and in that division. Been the guy we've been waiting for and watching throughout his career. Climb these ranks and make that step by step progression to get to this point. He rebelled in the moment going out. He's always been. He's always shown that ability to be an entertainer and not showmanship side of things. His father was like that when when he was competing as well. So that wasn't unexpected. The fact that it was a hometown fight certainly made that even more standout even more as he comes out at the forum and gets the big pop. Pit bull gets booed. He's you know rattle off the money and and just has a blistering performance. This is everything. Bela tor could have wanted and it puts jay mckee at least on the radar for people that weren't paying attention develop for or maybe didn't fully understand how good this kid is that he goes out. And here's the person coming out of last weekend that all of us are talking about and talking about in terms of where does he fit in terms of both this division. That's great and the the collection of young stars sort of under thirty stars in this sport. Where he's gotta be at or near the top of that list as well. Well let's talk about that list. 'cause you predicted might as well follow through with it because it is a big talking point. We think a lot of us knew that it would be. But i don't think a lot of people thought that. Aj mckee go in there and just crush petitio pit bull in less than two minutes. I thought maybe we get to a second round. Maybe a third decision. But i don't think anybody expected that to happen and it did and it was just so impressive like we would be debating like based on how impressive it was like where he would fit in this global hundred forty-five palm landscape and he's definitely in the discussion for pound for pound right now. He's definitely in the discussion as the best under forty five pound or in the world. Where would you put him right now. Spencer's eight like are you willing to say right now that. Aj mckee is the best in the world. I'm not i..

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