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Police will not say if they have made any arrests, or even if they have suspects in the bombing of popular Indian restaurant in Mississauga Ontario back in may. But today, six of the bombings victims did lay some of the blame for their injuries on the owners of the Bombay belt restaurant. They are launching a civil lawsuit, alleging that the bombing was the result of a dispute between rival business associates. The police quickly pushed back on that claim. Daryl singer is a lawyer representing the group of Bombay bell. Victims we reach Mr. singer in Toronto. Mr. singer, your clients have no doubt been through an awful lot in connection with this bombing. Why though? Do you believe that the restaurant itself bears responsibility. So there's there's a couple of reasons, but primarily it's based in law. If I own a restaurant, I have an obligation to ensure the safety and security of my patriots. In this case, what we say is and again, it's, you know, it's a legal term that we use. They knew the owners new or off. You have known that there was a security concern and knowing that or ought to know that they should have taken precautions. You're making some pretty serious accusations suggesting that this resulted as because of a turf war between rival business associates. What evidence do you have of that? So I, we can't say specifically what I can tell you. And again, we, we're lawyers, we're civilization, we're not police officers. We're not criminal lawyers in that sense. We only know what we are told by our clients and anonymous people that have contact. Acted us as witnesses to say, hey, we've, you know, we've heard these things dots that sufficient at this point for us to say, okay, maybe there's something there are clients have been very frustrated at their inability to get Hanser, and I wanna make clear that we're not suggesting for a minute that the police are not doing good job. As far as we know the police are doing everything they can. And to the extent they haven't shared information with our clients. I understand why they can't. At this point. Part of the reason for a civil lawsuit is it allows the clients a certain amount of control in trying to get answers directly, but it's still conducting their investigation and they clearly haven't dropped case they're looking into it. It sounds like you're on a fishing expedition and basing this whole thing on rumors as opposed to actual evidence. Well. We're not because at the end of the day, at the end of the day, the in the restaurant has an insurance policy, knock you will be going occupier's liability policy or commercial liability policy. And in fact, it's alternate -ly. I anticipate not the owners of the restaurant who are named the defendants that will personally be responding, but it will actually be their insurance company will appoint an appoint counsel and actually defend the claim on their behalf. And so part of having that policy is to ensure that when people are injured in your premises that there's some compensation for the saying, you're not new, not going after the owners at the restaurant, but you're alleging they're involved in a turf war that implies there are two sides and some kind of dispute, and you're suggesting that led to the bombing. And once again with that information as you see it being unverified, are you comfortable is responsible to use the term like turf war. But yeah, I feel quite. Comfortable using it. So there's a couple of things that lead to that conclusion in addition to sort of what we've, you know, hurt anonymously and that is there haven't been any other bombings, the police appear to have ruled out that's terrorist attack. I, I've been a layer for almost twenty five years. There just isn't any other boggle explanation other than they were target. The peel police told CBC news today, and I'm quoting that they have never received any reports of threats toward the restaurant owners or staff. What does that do to your theory? Well, I'm aware that they're public comments..

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