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The Earth Stone at Green Lake Retirement Center, turning out, making sure their voices were heard at the ballot box. We're here to do it ourselves. This is really An important election, probably the most important one that will ever have. And, uh, I'm sorry I get choked up there. And we just wanted to Express our That we care. And we'd rather than who you vote for it. Do you vote? I checked in with King County elections, and they said that these ballot drop boxes are emptied once a day, and high traffic boxes would be emptied more than once daily in Seattle. Suzanne Fawn Corning's secretary of state's office is ballots have now been mailed out to voters across the state. And if you spot issues with ballots to drop off sites they want to hear from you. You can call the we the coma News Voting problems Hotline, The phone numbers 2064044868. You can also email your tip to voting at Combe aux news dot com. Comeau News will investigate any irregularities. Here are some key dates to keep in mind if you're voting in King County, According to election officials, You should have your ballot in hand by tomorrow. One week later October 26th is the deadline for online and male voter registration. And then, of course, you want to get your ballots postmarked by Election Day or turn in your ballots to a drop box by eight PM Another plane crash in Pierce County. That is, too in just the past few days. You call most Cole, Miller says. This time a wing is ripped off and landing gear snapped off this Piper Cherokee and the pilot pulling out all the stops for a crash landing right outside the holy Disciples perish in Puyallup, not far from Thunder Field, where the three people on board a student pilot, a trained pilot. And a passenger had been doing touch and goes as they took off. They lost power on the instructor took over immediately try to restart the engine multiple times. And they needed to set.

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