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Top rated television show too. So we're always glad to have him. Governor welcome aboard. I pretty sure you didn't see the story earlier today. But Fox News story out about three hours ago. I guess. It's literally I case of where a democratic presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders is hiring a non-american to help himself get elected. So they're literally the party of non America hashtag non America because his national spokesper. His national press secretary deputy national press secretary is an illegal alien governor Huckabee. It's like the optics. I don't even know where to begin with this like how do you make the case to the American people that you're their guy when an illegal alien is your press secretary. Justifies all common sense. And only Bernie would even attempt something like that. I mean, what are we don't have enough Americans who are graduates from communication schools across the country that would like a job or maybe it's just not a real American wants to work for the socialist Ernie Sanders that he has to import an illegal to go out there and put out his message because nobody with a good brain would possibly want to do it. I don't know. But I'm just thinking. The little devils sitting on my shoulder says during. Ice shows up and ports. Our right. Well, and you just heard from VP pants ice isn't going anywhere as long as the President Trump's in office. Hey, speaking of socialist, Democrats, which are becoming increasingly synonymous with one another. You do have this fist fight that broke out rhetorically speaking yesterday. Cossio Cortez threatening to make a list of people that vote with Republicans and governor she's not talking about like, fellow New York representatives that are in deep blue areas. She's talking about part of her caucus that helped her get the majority, but got elected in states that Trump carried big time and may have to be a little bit more middle of the road in order to protect their possibility of getting reelected, but that's not good enough for Akhazia Cortes. There's no room for even the slightest variants from the hardcore socialist mantra, how does this? How does this end Pelosi can't seem to get? Any kind of control over the the Okaz Cortes branch. And meanwhile, you're longtime IRS, you know, her her her second and third in the party. You're sitting there going Pelosi. This is this is not working for us. What what's going to happen there? Well, I'll tell you where this is headed. This is headed toward a Republican majority in the house, and I hope they do a better job this next time than they did before because they really blew some opportunities to get rid of ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood and other things they promise but never delivered on. Here's what I think is is just of using you've got a freshman congresswoman from a single district in New York, right? Who has the same population is everybody geographically, she basically is representing a borough in New York City. Right. And that's it. And somehow she now describes herself as the boss, I've never seen a freshman with such arrogance and just gall basically say to four hundred and thirty four other members. Been there awhile paid their dues. I'm better than you. I'm smarter than you, even though I'm younger than you. I know more than you. And you should listen to me and follow me or else. I'll come after you and get you to say it. That's pretty bold. Well, given that she didn't really, you know, the most of the endorsements that she put forward in eighteen fell through. She didn't get her people elected especially in the primary races. So I'm not even sure that she can back up that muscle. But it is remarkable. Is it not governor Huckabee the degree that the the longtime IRS in in the Democratic Party have folded on her like they just they're scared of her? Well, that's that's pretty crazy. If I were a moderate, democrat, whatever that is. I'm not sure there any, but if I work, and I was in a purple district. My best prayer would be that she would come in campaign against me because that would say to the people in my district who were more moderate crazy. I didn't think that the green new deal was something wonderful and who weren't off the rails about killing fully born babies already out of their mothers. Well, it would be a godsend to have her come in and try to get me to feed it because it would be saying is. You know, this guy this isn't as crazy as it's going to be really interesting to see if she is able to be kept in check in any degree because I think you're right. I think the farther farther they go to the hard left. They're just erasing their chances. I mean, Biden is now, you know, he's practically all but declared, and if there's anybody, and I'm not sure that there is. But there's anybody that can really challenge Trump in the rust belt. He is not someone like AO see these people the rust belt dams that Trump Kerry, they go to church, they they pay their taxes. Yeah. They want a little bit bigger government than maybe they're Republican neighbors. But you know, they're not into eleven months abortions. They're not into you know, taxing a ninety three trillion dollar tax deal to make supposedly everything in life free. This is this is so far out there. And she's she's convinced Kamala, Harris and Lisbeth Warren. And Bernie and Booker and all these people to adopt all of that. Well, I think a lot of Democrats realized we're not going to get rid of airplanes and automobiles river house in the medical years. We're just not gonna do it and for her to go out here and pretend that we are next year. What like somebody from another planet, and there are a lot of sane responsible Democrats in the country. Maybe surprising that people hear me say that. But there are and they have to be just appalled by some of the people who are now the new voice of their party because it does not represent the Democrats it whether it's Sam Nunn. Are scoop Jackson or not Josh? These are people who have taken the democrat party to a level that it's never been before. And that he does not resemble the Democratic Party of their fathers grandfathers or for that matter their older brothers, unrecognizable. All right governor, you've got a big hit TV show on the weekends eight and eleven on Saturday.

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