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Since the start since why trip with my family and montreal and then this it's been interesting i have not been good at all but i don't really give a fuck over let's just like when you travel lake i definitely my body just knows that it's different and it will not digest the way it normally magnesium is so key yeah take the magnate traveling with magnesium is so key for digestion when you're traveling in those digestive enzymes from silver fern yeah absolutely so silver fern brand who's one of our sponsors we work with bring their digestive enzymes every time i travel and it really helps with digesting food that i would normally eat totally love it yeah fifteen percent off you have to almost thirty you have to take it before you eat oh uhhuh which i always forget sometimes i take it on md stomach that's what you're supposed to do no and then i don't need then just i just you my brain but it really helps yet does but we had just such a an incredible time in toronto thanks to our guide kayla joe my god kayla shout out too much mcmanus as i hear nas name i don't know it's very irish and she's so cute so cute so sweet such gogetter she olis' faulk yes so cool and her friends were so core friends with the best cans yeah we had dinner with them after the event man the girls i came out were the realist so fucking coal and just so open oh my god the things they shared they were just so oh bhagat up they got up with us like we chris and i were like up front and they came up and like spokane shared and it was just like really really nice so nice super save fang was really and people met new friends yeah.

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