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Sunday yesterday was awesome acceded, noon. You had women's World Cup United States team beat Chile three nothing three nil. And then it was the US open man Pebble Beach. Gary woodland was the big the big winner. The US open something. I I've heard of much. I know he's got one of the he's a big bomber man. He's, he's kind of meat head. He's got a big swing when longest on tour and kind of feel like happy, Gilmour win, like Verne Lundquist in the movie is talking about how happy Gilmore had a big drive, and then they cut to a scene, where is covering up his microphone who the hell is happy Gilmore? Gary woodland, who the hell is Gary, Willis ski went to. He's an athlete man. He was good in baseball and basketball, a basketball scholarship to Washburn university left after his freshman year university, Kansas for golf scholarship. So this is his first major, and he's a big dude. John Daly up, there eighty McDonald, smoking heater, big usually, these guys have heard of much before, usually, they kind of fizzle out there to let the pressure, get to especially the guy like bricks KEPCO on his trail, but, you know, ended up winning the US open yesterday, or good for Gary Hedlund whoever the hell. Also over the weekend. The Lakers made some big NBA news. They agreed to a trade that within Anthony Davis from the New Orleans pelicans to the Lakers in exchange for a bunch of draft picks and some players. Now, one of the players involved in the trade going from LA to New Orleans is the Lakers early draft pick from a few years ago. Lonzo ball now Lonzo is the son of bat crap. Crazy lavar ball. Remember, he used to go on television, all the time in bump gums, until Bron James got the L A, and he said, hey, shut the hell up. So here's what the Papa lavar ball had to say about his son being traded from the Lakers. Guarantee..

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