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To our clients so i'm buck 10 percent through to our clients served for their last year tortured client as with us and said june and they've done very well since june but they still had a lot of cash and they go we'd love what you do we understand how slow you move we love it and i said yeah because we i can't tell you when but we know there's me some pull back and when the pull that happens we'll have some cash should step in and buy some great companies at better prices and it must form part of investing is be patient i mean he can't nobody predicted what was going to happen last mean talked about it before but the s p kind using as an index had a ensure your drop which means from the top up to the bottom was about three percent i think the historical averages about fourteen a sixteen percent so we didn't see that many great buying opportunities last year nobody could have forecasted that so i mean we're very very patient and that's why look for companies were still able to find some companies that did hit a bear market last year in their own and that's when we step in bought them minute we've got one company which were on disclosed that were pretty excited about what is kind of waiting for maybe a little but a return but that company is down about 30 percent from his highs was kind of already had its correction that's where we will talk about all the research we do on companies were client and our portfolio a you know it's fifteen twenty hours of research before say yes here is a great by let's get into this company here we don't buy the stock market we buy stocks audit out market we thinker better companies to actually buy and sell foreign to retire about the company dropping district because a company draw doesn't in his goodbye new such a poll lay go from what eight hundred down to seven.

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