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Hey, how you guys doing good? Anthony. So I'm a jets fan. But I mean, the handling if they saw quarterback situation with the giants solo rented that I felt I need to call and make a suggestion. So I think it's crazy to say you is the guy when he lies what thirty seven. I mean at best at that. He's got five years left. They need a mobile quarterback. Yeah. That's that's what I'm thinking. That's five years and probably not. I'm begging a guy like tyrod Taylor with with with that. I mean, I know that he, you know, he hasn't had a great couple of years, but he did leave the bills playoff. And he does have a lot of talent. And he's never been in. What you're suggesting is let I think this is going to happen. If they get rid of Eli at the end of the year, you are talking about a stopgap with. Here's the guy that I read I don't know if you read Paul Schwartz's com today and a post he suggested Jacoby Brisa. We'll know what I think he's a part of that mix. Right. If they move on from that, you're gonna probably bring in a stopgap with somebody that you draft. I think if the Oakland Raiders part ways with Derek Carr. He's more of the up guy high upset kinda guy upside. Yeah. But we're not there yet still here. He's thirty seven years old. I don't know how much he has left. I just were not at the point to start talking about started apps, and that's with tyrod Taylor. Wanna see we'll let at all. I mean, I would I would not want to see the giants. Make the mistake. They did with Davis Webb not even seeing what he is. And obviously, you might you can't be too much. You never got on the field. But I mean if I'm a giant fan. I wanna see we'll let it play. I think I think we have to get to that number right now they have five loss as it sounds. I'm listening to boomer winning winning. Eight or nine losses. I make. Okay. But you know, boomer was optimistically talking about some of the best defense is gonna play. You never know the division. Still winnable. You know, what all of that may be true? If all of a sudden the giants wake up and start winning here. But I don't see them when you're not gonna pull that plug until that dream is gone. Right. And that train doesn't get extinguished until you've got eight or nine law. Yes. That's true. Avery Williamson coming up plus your calls beningo and Roberts here in the mid listening.

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