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In a in in investments that aren't aren't working to your best advantage now how can you know whether or not this is the case well one of the first things we always recommend speech would somebody comes in visits us is to go ahead and get that menu or go on the website imprint out what the investment options are if they're in the form of mutual funds which most of them aren't right because it's a good way to diversify they're not gonna necessarily give you individual stocks that you can invest in nor did they want to be in a position of recommending stocks if their mutual funds then you can go onto morningstar and you can type in the uh symbols and then go get information about that now you may not be qualified to evaluate the performance of this you know i often use my motherinlaw as an example of what not to do with investing because she typically chased the funds that did the best in terms of their performance it would be consistently moving her money around and wondered why she didn't have anything extra one who took that over we were able to produce a better result but it's not because we were constantly moving money to better options and in fact we set up a great portfolio for her and then we just let it be i just let it be so in this case you know you may not be in a position to cut of evaluate specifically what of the performance of these funds are but you can evaluate what the expense ratio is in that's a really import a number to be paying attention to because you want you all things being equal pay the lower cost fun for uh for your investment in a as between the two of them there's another story another client that i came across and you we were advising of money that they had that we could help them invest put money that they had to keep with their employer and so we needed to give them a recommendation about what to invest in in the options that.

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