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15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red 8 15 rob wood for the appointed time is just about here Yes it is the biggest game of NFL week 16 is about to kick off in Texas between Washington and Dallas and the cowboys even before kick off clinch the NFC east for the first time in three years thanks to the Raiders win over the Broncos oddly enough Washington without Jamie Davis tonight he reported symptoms that could be in line with COVID-19 before the game there was no time to submit a test before the deadline for an active so they are keeping him sidelined out of an abundance of caution Curtis Samuel William Jackson they are also an active Joby sly is back as the Washington kicker Now the eagles who come to FedEx field next week they throttle the Giants today so they are now in the 7th and final spot in the NFC playoff brackets The Baltimore Ravens playoff hopes are on life support They took a 41 21 beating in Cincinnati and that injury riddled Baltimore secondary lit up by Joe burrow 525 passing yards four touchdowns so Cincinnati at 9 and 6 is the division leader while the ravens have lost four in a row They're 8 and 7 but somehow found their way back into that 7 spot So at the moment they are in the playoff picture For the first place Bengals it's actually the first time in 12 years they've completed a season sweep of both the ravens and the Steelers in the same season Since 2009 and they did so by a combined score of one 47 to 58 That's almost the score at Capital One arena right now The wizards they had a good first quarter against the 76ers It has been all Philly since it's one O three 85 now in the fourth quarter.

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