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Com or any of our social media. 'cause we publish every show to Google plus and Facebook and be comment there, and we read it on the show. We'll send you a copy music. Oh, by and definitely follow us on Twitter. He's at rich Campbell, and I'm at Carl. Franklin, send us a tweet. We promise not to mock you. Much much. All right. Let me formally introduced James JAMES BOND to Magna is a principal program manager on the team at Microsoft, the rest of his bio. You can read it dot net, rockstar calm, because what else do you need to know? He's he's the Matz Matz. James, welcome back. Yes, thank you for having me back and I'm sorry, I didn't make it a quarterly, but let's try. Let's make it happen because we do have a lot of moving parts and it's yet again in honor and a privilege to be on this side of the microphone talking with you too. Lovely gentleman. Well, it's always a privilege to talk to you and you know there's so many things that happen so fast. We, we need to have at least a quarterly, what's new and salmon land. Well, you know, I think honestly, this comment from Mike, even though it was two years ago, I would love to unpack and just kind of talk through some of the things that we've been doing recently and in the past two. So you know, I think that with with Zaman we've always been trying to folk. On making sure that we're at feature parody of an Android. So you know, we just released right, Android, p in Iowa, twelve previews and support out there just like last week and we had long betas, but we also have a really big focus on insuring that developers do enjoy our software. Enjoy building up locations with Zaman no matter how they're building it just for Iowa, just for androids Amer informs whatever they're doing. And I think a lot of those pain points are things that I'm really focused on on a day-to-day job here at Microsoft. So me I on pack the built, specifically around Android Bill. We had a swat team kind of come in and look at our injured build over the last six months. And we did a few things that we announced build. So we've added some support for editor of building with Android applications, so we can be smart about when we need to re.

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