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The. Nineties I believe somebody else took up the the property as far as the books and road all of. These. Stories which Colombo gets involved as at doing his detective work. With real life. crime is an so Colombo. Ripped from the headlines. So Colombo Solve, the Kennedy assassination Colombo Colombo, and the Charles Manson murders just no lines says finds out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried on the I don I don't support approve of that. You can't have Colombo without Peter Falk Full Stop period I'm I'm saying somebody out there in your in your. listenership. Is Missing Columbus off a like mystery novels. Maybe they get their jollies off of these these books which you can still find on Ebay very cheap. Okay maybe however also, Mrs Colombo shouldn't be because again part of the ethos of the series in part of the genius of the series is the character you never see anew new you're not even really sure exists that that is that is part of the DNA. You can't break that by then having Mrs Colombo Have Series I don't that doesn't work that. That is outside the universe for me of what makes this series special and it should eat her breaks. The Spanish. Should be said that this missed the Mrs Colombo I think maybe nine, hundred, ninety, one or nineteen, eighty, two on NBC. The producers of Colombo were completely against the idea Peer Fox is not on any of the episodes I mean it's it's a it's no longer this outside the universe and it's not very good either. Rick do I have to ask you if you're a Kate mulgrew I? Don't I know you are. But I'm. This Ryan's hope thing caught me off guard everybody else knows that Kate mulgrew captain Jane on Star Trek Voyager right kind of I'm kind of shocked at Cindy in would well, they say if so was her defining role. Maybe their soap opera viewers or maybe Cindy's a soap opera viewer. But of course, it's Janeway I mean that's the defining role period. So. Peer Fox real life wife was in at least one episode. Did she appear in more? Did they meet on the Colombo set I have no knowledge of any of this. I've done all the work on this. Okay. Who was she? Okay. Sarah Denise. Oh. Okay. Sure Boys. So she was she was she was in a lot of TV shows for many many years right when she was a character actress before. before to Peter Full. Peter Fox second wife she was in six episodes between. Between, the. The NBC. ABC in she only played the killer once in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one ABC episode called Murder Of a rock star..

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