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Ahead and get the vaccine seven twenty seven twenty five decide to say you know what i changed my mind. I'm not going to get the vaccine. And that means i'm going to have to retire. Then i'm gonna have to retire with kyrie irving. You don't know what's going to happen. They're not gonna trade career because of your earnings had made statements. Like if i do get traded from the nets i am not going to report now. Rather retire than go ahead in the port with other players who say some shit like that might be like. Oh yeah well we'll see with kyrie irving you have to believe it because kyrie irving the unique individual that he is densest in goes to his school to the beat of his own drum. So you don't know that's a good thing and that's a bad thing when you're dealing with kyrie irving My whole situation with him my situation with bradley beal and my whole situation with these guys jonathan isaac of the orlando magic entry winged who did finally get vaccinated. So he'll be able to play for the golden state warriors. Let my whole situation with these guys who aren't getting vaccinated and then use the well. It's a private decision. It's a personal decision lowest. Not man tell. Tell me the reason why. Now you don't have to go on a great detail and of course you want to be at bland as saying well. You want me to go into detail. Let me i'll go into detail on. Why didn't the vaccine vaccine. Because i don't want to next question but what. What's the reason why i'm interested in knowing what the reason why. Because depending upon what the reason it's a situation where look if you're a man of your strong that you're strong in your convictions. Let me know. maybe. It's a situation where i have a immune deficiency or my immune system doesn't react well the vaccines and that's the reason why i'm not doing it or okay. I understand that. But i'm just curious an interested to find out why. Why because you don't trust the government because this is something that the someone is telling you to do. They're taking away your freedom and liberties i mean what. What's the reason good decision bad decision. I mean bradley. Beal's talking about what did you get the vaccine. You still get sick okay. But but bradley. That's not one of the main reasons why you're going to get the vaccine. It's more of the just that there's more than just that so come on. Give me a little bit something more than you know. I'm gonna be letting my teammates down. And i'm going to be you know what what you do with their money. You know i'm not into you know evaluating. I'm not into giving my thoughts and opinions about you. Know these guys. If this stand that this is the hill. They're going to die on. That means giving up their salary. It's not my decision. it's not my place..

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