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Berg. The idea of being in Toronto in escaping that bubble like at least there's a metropolitan city around there metropolis that you can good you know escape into and explore the Edmonton you're just you're out with the wolves I mean that's that's. There's nothing else there, but you're not supposed to escape the bubble. Though so you're going to. Don't you think that hockey? Are the best suited for the bubble. Though I mean bubble hockey is goes back as far as the game I mean. They're used to being. Trapped inside of a bubble that they can't leave. They should all probably be hooked onto little metal chords where they're just slid up and down to and from each building Randy Bellman and the DVD morning show. Six DB years. The channel eleven severe weather center Severe Weather Center Eleven. It's seventy three degrees at DV. Val Porter, the former allegany county emergency services chief is being remembered after passing away last week Bob full who oversaw the merger of the allegheny county and Pittsburgh, city, nine one one emergency dispatch system in two thousand, five passed away Friday according to his family, a sixty five year old, also served as the chief deputy director at Pima and two thousand eleven, allegany county executive, Rich Fitzgerald calls full, a true public servant whose leadership move the region forward during a critical time. Major unions and civil rights groups are planning a nationwide walkout today to demand change in the fight against police brutality, and for greater social equity and justice organizers with the Service Employees International Union are calling the walkout, which is planned in twenty five cities, the strike for black lives. It could draw tens of thousands of workers from Los Angeles to Boston. The man who recorded the shooting of unarmed Black Jogger Arbitrary Brunswick Georgia will remain in jail. A judge denied bond for William Roddy Brian on Friday he along with Gregg, and Travis McMichael, or charged with murder in the February death of our bary. All three also entered not guilty pleas on Friday. White House Chief of staff, Mark? Meadows says negotiations on another stimulus bill are underway this week. Meadows told Fox News at the White House is coordinating with the Senate and House on crafting a bill with top GOP. Lawmakers sesame with President Trump and treasury secretary secretary Steve Mnuchin. Florida hospitals are running out of rooms in icy. US AS CORONA. Vice of Corona virus cases surge there..

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