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You were the best, but I thought it's too much for him to go up. Reasonably good fighters heavyweight Roy can't do this. Alcohol said No. He's going to beat them. And the reason is Cole was notorious he he was very well known for fighting anyone on a minutes. Minutes notice sparring anyone. He said the for Roy. I need some time before you ever moved to heavy. Because of the speed, he said no because of the power that you had that kind of power, but that was towers middleweight, super middleweight, even as a light heavyweight. This is a heavyweight and Tyson is built like a brick. Do you think you have the power at heavyweight to him honest? Call. Kept him under the night lull he dropped, voted appeal. He didn't drop Roy, but he got voted deal and I hit him with a shot and I. Think about the second or third round then made him tap Dan and he hit me about thirty pounds. Ask Him not. Roy The thing about boxing. It's different than. I've always liked the idea of a seniors store in boxing. Let the older fighters who can still handle themselves and still have a fan base, attractive crowd, and make some money, but without jeopardizing themselves against fighters who were in their prime twenty and thirty years younger right? But. Not Golf hurt business. You don't play boxing. There is the chance that someone could get hurt in there, and especially with the kind of emotional investment defense having you have Mike through the years. You know that that's like a scary thought. It's part of the appeal for a lot of people, but it's still a scary thought. What do you say to those like me? Who have concerns for your health for Mike South at your guys age? You you let me for you. Hit and sank. Santa me back in two thousand three while want to fight Mike Tyson because it was just as deadly then as we have. Now we still three years apart and threes apart now now. Don't get it wrong. It could be dangerous, but at the same time this. What we we've been hurt didn't our whole life. So what's dangerous tough I? Mean God best, but the people that are going down now from Kobe. Like. People that home, people gonNA have a lot to do. People can't do a lot of team sports. Because of getting infected some baseball I found out. They are getting infected deal. We WanNA give people entertainment. What with teams forces little harder regarding there are more people, but when you put two of the most entertaining fighters. Of decades in the ring together has to be entertainment and I. I think Mike and say the same thing I can say. We're willing to risk. Our health though this notion charitable part of it, but also give people entertainment at a time when people don't have anything. Nobody has nothing right now. There's no real entertainment. Going on tabs a hot right now. People stuck at home with nothing to do. We're listening about what would have happened. Had you put the bomb? And the explosive. In it same ten. What would happen with a bomb? exposal golfers. What would have happened? We can find out that. Roy. When Tyson released the training footage, originally, people were saying because you know great defensive fighters, teams, whatever people always overrate them against great well rounded teams or fighters, because mediocrity can't do anything with the great offense, it gets blown away and so psychologically and emotionally people from certain generation will always believe Mike. Tyson can beat anyone I mean. I had to have a serious talk. People like he can't fight Tyson fury. He can't fight those guys right now. Now, but I had to admit at fifty four. My God the way he was moving even in the training footage was extremely impressive I. mentioned to him when he went on Arsenio that time in eighty, nine, with with sugar, Ray Leonard Muhammad, Ali Ali was forty seven and couldn't move anymore. You know it was like an old man Mike seven years older than that and is moving like this. When you saw this footage of Mike, what did you think? Wow Mike still just as explosive as ever. Mike is just dangerous ever the only thing about it is when you've been out of this four for so long as probably the heart of him the goal of four twelve hour about and sustainment yet he's still good. Yeah has be. Power he still had explosives a very dangerous gap and he's GonNa be dangerous for all eight rounds that you've got to be ready to protect yourself because that is my ties. In terms of real quick before we let you go, Roy. Thanks for coming on in terms of what we can expect because it is headgear, an eight round exhibition right in terms of what we can expect in terms of your level of competitiveness scale of one to ten. What are we to expect in terms of your readiness to fight and level of competitiveness and serious about this as an athletic competition? Expect twelve because you Mike Tyson. If I was little, my sat or somebody that was legit. Weight such as myself. Then you'd probably get about eight a, but it's like this Mike, Tyson. On me, I was like you have to Moise of Mike, Tyson Mike Zach turnover five seconds. Who will say you know bad, so you better be prepared to save yourself. You will be ready for you might. Do you know which might might come your you might. Might might get because he can't hit you like he wants to. It can live to be one hundred percent really I really preferred no hit you. because. It makes it easier for them. Because it's my head, a bigger target out, prefer no headgear, but it's an exhibition, so you've gotTA. Follow the rules. Roy Great to talk to you. Miss you. Miss Working with your brother. Best of luck on September. Twelfth Charlie they met. I right Maxie on both sides of this fight covered now after that latest interview with Roy Jones, Junior. Okay. We have more breaking news out of the Patriots Organization this morning. Patriots Safety Patrick Chung telling ESPN's Mike. Reiss that he is opting out for the twenty twenty season similar to dont`a hightower. Chung announced this week that his family also is expecting a new baby. So this becomes the second member of the PATS defense to opt out after linebacker linebacker hightower opted out earlier this morning making it six players total in the Patriots, or who will not play this season deiter loss joining the crew now and then look six players now there could be more. What does this mean for Bill Belichick and the Patriots now? First of all this is just an example of how some players are going to handle this season. There are going to be guys that do not feel comfortable and I. Give Credit for those guys for making that decision for the Patriots when it comes to a football aspect listen. This was a worse football team this year at up until this point then last season that defense. That was top. Top two in the NFL last year missed four starters already, and now they've got two more starters out, and so this is a team that this is going to be bill belichick greatest challenge just going into this year with all the losses that they've had in the transition of a new offense with potentially Cam Newton coming in no Tom Brady, this is going to be his greatest challenge. Challenge it's only gotten more more difficult because Patrick Chung is the type of player that really changes the way New England plays defense. He's the type of player that you can play him at the safety position you can him. You can have them in run support. You can put them down at a linebacker level allows them to do a lot of different things, which is obviously a trademark of. Of What New England likes to do and a big deal of their secondary, those those corners and safeties communication, they do a lot of different stuff and to have a guy like Patrick Chung who has all those wrecks built up and talking to guys and communicating. That's a big deal for that loss. This is going to be a massive undertaking bill belichick. You'll probably have to lean on. They drafted a kid named Kyle Duggar in the second round with their first. Pick this yard of a small school. He's going to have to play earlier now. So this is a this is an example of how.

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