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Weekend from the BBC World Service still to come. Why a former senior member of the AFC in Germany now thinks that the party is a threat to German democracy and Serbia's president tells us about his plans for closer ties with NATO that's all on a weekend from the BBC World Service with Alec trips. And I though a summary of the very latest world news. BBC news with Jerry Smith. The UN secretary general has said the truth must be as tablet about the disappearance of the dissident Saudi journalist, you know, kashogi at his country's consulate in Istanbul. Antonio Gutierrez said incidents of this kind were becoming more common and the international community will not tolerate them the Saudi interior ministers had allegations that his country was responsible relies. The US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has said his following developments on the investigation into the disappearance of Mr. Khashoggi that said he still plan to attend an investment conference in Saudi Arabia later this month, the head of the World Bank. Jim Kim has drawn from the meeting. The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has called on Ankara to quickly free. Other Americans imprisoned in Turkey after the release on Friday of the Jellicoe pasta. Andrew brunson. He will meet President Trump later today. The former Malaysian Deputy Prime minister and opposition leader, Abraham is facing the first test of his return to political life. Mr. I'm wa who was pardoned earlier this year after being jailed for alleged sodomy in two thousand fifteen is running an opponent entry election today. Officials in the polls say at least eight climbers missing on the good your HMO peak after snowstorm strength. That can a police spokesman said five South Koreans and therefore four Nepalese guides are presumed to have died. Search and rescue teams in the US state of Florida has begun work in Mexico beach. The town hardest hit by hurricane Michael. The storm devastated communities across the region. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for the Republican candidate for governor offensive vein. Yes, called Wagner has taken down a video from social media and wish he threatened his democratic opponent. Governor Tom Wolfe in the video Mr. Wagner threatened to stumble over his opponent's face with golf spikes, BBC news. You're listening to weekend from.

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