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The fourteen there was activity in Shirlington it was over on the shoulder good news at Leesburg fifteen south a St Clair lane that earlier accident activity has now cleared Jack Taylor WTOP traffic Chuck bell weather storm team four four day forecast boy Chuck we were finally got that winter we've been asking for well at least a couple of days of it for sure temperatures are gonna save pretty much where they are right now for the remainder of the day so on the whole the bait the day may not be that much of fish really colder than average but it sure is gonna feel like the middle of winter again for the remainder of the day sons back that's the good news the wind is back that's the not so good news northwest winds will average twenty to thirty five miles per hour or even more at times especially across northern Maryland in the higher elevations current temperature thirty four in Rockville Maryland thirty four also in Purcellville Virginia and thirty eight here in Washington temperatures this afternoon will barely get back above forty degrees and with the wind blowing wind chills which are mostly in the twenties now should stay below freezing much of the day but at least the sun's back overnight skies will be clear temperatures in the upper twenties to around thirty by tomorrow morning tomorrow another breezy day not as cold will get up to the low and mid forties tomorrow afternoon but still enough of a breeze and an increasing number of clouds you'll think of tomorrow is a rather breezy and cold day high forty five maybe a flurry late Friday night for the optimistic view but no accumulations of snow are expected over the weekend Saturday back to mostly sunny skies but cold and breezy again high forty two finally sunshine without the wind on Sunday highs near fifty and snow lovers you have to go far just drive up to Erie Pennsylvania the lake effect snow machine is on our mild winter has meant very little ice coverage on Great Lakes so they are going to get pelted much of northwestern Pennsylvania twenty four to thirty six inches of snow between now and the end of the day Saturday I'm storm team four meteorologist Chuck bell for WTOP okay check a fifty two now in the campaign to reelect president trump is suing The New York Times for defamation claiming it was responsible for an essay by a former executive editor for the newspaper that claimed the campaign made a deal with Russian.

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