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Noon eastern on ESPN, presented by AT and T Stephen a Smith show jail. Foltz might go down as one of the biggest the biggest first round bus. And that's saying the lower Kwame Brown was ones rapid I overall jamarcus Russell of the world of football and beyond Marquel. Foltz? He got a standing ovation when he shot at three because it was such an aberration. He double pumped on a free throw it looks so ugly. Now, even know two words to put into it. Catch Stephen A, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Birmingham. Previously show UCF is really got a good program. But in college football, you have to earn your way and yet together a conference schedule that is significant. But but I will say I was extremely impressed with what I saw the other day. I thought that was a great day for UCLA ball finebaum show weekdays and threes. On the ESPN app and on the SEC network. First things first for SEC Saturdays. It's me. We talk about college football field generals. Great leadership you show up at you. Full days. That's a fan of college football. I'm excited about this game. It's family. It's food. It's football finally Saturday SEC nation live from Atlanta Saturday at one pm eastern presented by Dr Pepper on the SEC network and streaming live on the ESPN app. Twelve championship. One Oklahoma sitting on the brink of the college football playoff, the loss is taxes. Time rivals. Go ahead again Sooners h their only loss or will strike again. Twelve championship Saturday morning at eleven eastern on ESPN radio and on ABC presented by Dr Pepper. All right. I feel like accountability has been somewhat of a theme on the show today. So I wanna stand up where the hat when I'm wrong about something. Took to Twitter feed to try and rose some of you guys because a lot of really wild and bad college football takes have been going.

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