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Least that's how it was from my perspective the truckers perspective. But there's another side to this story what happens to marry and the baby cheeses when Joseph's cut a load of lettuce bound for Boston. And that's the one. We'll be hearing today our very own lacy Jane Roberts Paul Lacey. Hi if you've been with us. Since the beginning you know that Lacey is not only a whip smart producer but that she also comes from a family of truckers. When I was a little kid it was pretty much. Everybody was my my Dad. All of my uncles. Both of my grandpas and my grandma to make refund. She's recording an silly and most of them are men so like the men of the family were gone a lot and that was normal. Like Dad's Dad. They're gone a lot so you went to visit your folks recently. Yeah I did hear talking. Yellow jackets in the ants shot. I wanted to talk to my mom my memories very similar to your memory. My Dad I loved it. That's how I grew up. I was ranch kit about those days. I wanted to talk to my grandparents. You're my favorite granddaughter. Nice Bull Drug and I wanted to talk to my younger brother Zane. How much younger than me. Are you a year some months and more like a year? I guess I wanted to understand better. The ways in which trucking impacted my family because my memories of it are memories of a little kid today on this show will hear a story that spans three generations from a fateful New Year's Eve kiss in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven to the very real choices facing lacey in her brother's Today so sit tight from pure XS radio topiary and overdrive magazine. This is over the road..

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