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Of sao paulo say they've identified the remains of ten year old twins in the rubble of a high rise building which collapsed after it caught fire more than ten days ago the officials said the boys went from welder had been squashing in the building with their mother along with around fifty families city officials say the remains of two other victims have been identified china's first domestically built aircraft carrier has the gum sea trials state media said the ship left the port of dalian for tests on its mechanical systems and other equipment china's own the other carrier is a sovietera ship bought from you crane but beijing is believed to want to build more as part of ambitious plans to develop its navy one of britain's most notorious serial killers has died in prison at the age of seventy two dennis nelson admitted murdering fifteen young men at two houses he lived in a refi via period in london his crimes were only detected by chance when a drain outside one of his houses became blocked by human remains simon clemson has more details it took some time for the full horror of dennis nielsen's crimes to become clear but he eventually admitted to killing at least fifteen people several of his victims were homeless young gay men who alert his flat most well hill in north london and strangled despite admitting killing fifteen he was convicted of six counts of murder and two of attempted murder and was jailed for life in nine hundred eightythree with a recommendation he said a minimum of twenty five years later it was decided that he and other zero killers would never be released bbc news.

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