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There never was that true rivalry and now we start having these storylines elaine's like tyler linked up into two rival was spurned by the lakers is now back with the clippers in a fun talking about tie is taco. Just sidelines really made. I think five six million bucks. He took this job because he takes a step down. You know you know it really limits. Maybe what he can do during the season prepare for next year. I think this is just really tie wanting to be part of the slip organization. I think it's a vote the confidence and the clippers and as you guys know tie is very well respected and well and also he has a close relationship with doc rivers remember. He had this role before he got the cavs job yeah so he went from he went from being issues with thai undocking no like those guys are really close. Doc helped launch him as a coach in this league and he's one of his proteges regimes and so. I think that that's really the draw here but you know the lakers in their salary negotiations. One of the main points was you know. Did he have offers from elsewhere. It's a demand that eight million dollars and it's taking less and this just in at the buzzer according to people magazine the westbrook has launched a westbrook <hes> <hes> west brown's brownstein green tech program sorry reaching a teaching skills at at risk inner city kids here in l._a. The program will train train students and careers by coating computer literacy computer engineering royce. You've known westbrook for a long time. What is this charity well. He's one of the most philanthropic players in the n._b._a. He's got his reading room. He's i think he won the community assist award once <hes>. It's really nothing new for for russell westbrook. He's one of the players that is as active as any player. There is is in both the community that he's playing with was oklahoma city which will be houston and where he's from which is los angeles. He's he's very active everywhere. He goes yeah well <hes> he could teach coding waiting to teach them how to make dunking video games <hes> thanks royston ramona and marc spears and the free so call your and tim mcmahon and all our other guests the jump is back tomorrow and we will see you then until then we're going to debate <hes> who should be the lakers center and you should be listening to the new podcast dot com.

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