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This is Dr Lee. Oddly, D C. Dr Yardley in just a second. We're going to talk with Kristen, and she has one of the most fascinating back stories I've ever heard. It's truly moving because the problems for her started when she was a teenager, and it affected her hands. And her dream was to become a concert pianist. Well, that's never gonna happen, but later in a life, she found it to the institute, and she's got the help that she really needed to have when she was a teenager. Let's chat with their Kristen, Why don't you tell us of AA? What you were dealing with? I got whiplash and started having a lot of strange, low back pain. And I had seen in different chiropractor for a couple months and wasn't having any improvement. And then actually, the person with my therapist told me that Dr early now, but she had her when she told me he has a really unique approach, but that it had been a miracles for her. So so you took her advice. You went to see Dr Yardley. Tell us a little bit about when you went in for your first visit. I felt really handheld. I mean, from the moment that I got into the office, so I felt like I would be really taking care of me. And I felt that you know what doctors? A lot of the time don't do is take the time to really, really understand your whole history and every conduct important to you about your health that Yardley and know people in office. Like the ones on everything I said, and and I was really excited to learn that you know. Not only was dr confidence that he could help me with the issues I was having because of the accident, he said. You know, I think he will be shocked at how much we can help you with some of the other issues you've been having, and and he was right here. It's right, Christian. I noticed in that last progressive evaluation the hands and wristed improve on what you said about 50%. This was about four months ago, in addition to the wrist chains have been having for 20 years and have never really been able to find something that really resolved, but also Impressionist and something that I have struggled with She around around 19 on enough. Um and that just turned around in the last six months. Um, it's just turn around like my therapist, and I was just marveling at it the other day. You know, she's like the last time that you have a depressed about this, Odin. I said, I think it was our guest and it's It's April now. And that's never happened before in my life, you know, and I've been a dirty for a really long time and something about the work that this did enabled me to hell, my whole life, trying to heal the sayings that depression in the rest of you think different kinds of doctor. They're trying different medications. And there's something about the work that Dr Yardley did that catalyzed change in all these areas. It changed the direction in your life, didn't it? Yeah. What about your energy levels in the biggest symptoms of depression for me was just fatigue and I'm not feeling that anymore. I'm feeling Very different. Christian. Your story is one that we see a lot. I mean, people come to us. Not realizing that we're a healthcare approach, as opposed to a disease care approach. Typically, they come in. They've got a problem They're looking for help with. And yes, often they do. Get help with that. But then there's a whole configuration of reconfiguration of the health and how it interfaces that begins to change and improving it. It is truly part of the delight of what we do as well as the delight for the patients. You know, I was I honestly had stopped trying to look for a cure personalities. Same. That's not true. I was trying. It was like that one time that first time making rings. She remember afterwards calling my mom and shake She really let myself hope? One more time. Like I showed many times in my life. Well, you know, I need a doctor who has a new approach and I'll get my hopes up so hard And then, just over time, it doesn't work. Be disappointed. This kind of work? Yes, Kristen. And so what would you say to people out there have been living with problems and a somewhat hopeless in terms of the health. I would say I am so sorry. I know exactly how you feel. That's a hard question because there's so much I would want to say. It's the fact that you tried things before. It hasn't worked out. What's making you not want to try this on. Don't let that hold you back because I'm so glad that I took the chance. You know, I was hoping one last E. I'm actually I'm really happy that I got in that car accident because I don't think otherwise. I would have had, I would have met you and had all of this other stuff fixed. Well, that's great. That's that's really great, You know? Yeah, and it's not too late for me to be a happy person. That's right, And that's that's a really big and that's probably the most important thing right There it is, And it's awesome to discover at 40 Just a knew that a whole new kind of perspective is available. I think so, too, you know, and I'll also say, I don't know if this is Um, helpful, but I trusted my hair but still much. But I knew that if she said that this doctor special and have a special ability to heal That would be worth it. Come and now, John figure later and I'm amazed at how little it has cost all the money that I've poured into my health and copays over the years. You know what I'm spending To get this treatment is a fraction of that. And it's so effective investment I ever made. I think that says a lot, Kristen. Thank you so much for being on the show today. Okay, Thank you. Dockyard Lee. That is a very impressive story. But you don't cure depression or anxiety, do you? Not at all, what we do is we restore that brain body connection. And then the changes, though at that point could be quite amazing. They are amazing. Now, if all this makes sense to you and believe me, it does to me. Maybe.

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