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Take some high now. There are three teams with higher franchise values than rams four point. Eight billion named the three team mason mason don't have they don't have to be an order. Yes cowboys won patriots. Yes and the thirteen and the third one is the bears. No greg greg dealers. No john john giant. Yes okay. So i got one. He's got one of mason's got three listen to this question. Closely named the through the last four l. a. ram coaches going back today. John all right sean. Mcveigh us jeff fisher. S who is a coach. Jeff fisher so i'd have to go back to the saint louis years was jim. Nope i said. La rams la rams la rams. Can i guess yes. You got mcvay fisher who to more going backwards. John robinson no okay. I'm out mason mason. Who was before john robinson. I think it was chuck. Knox yes and then you go. John rhys mace got another one. What chuck knox for a revival tour and would cities named the city's the rams of called home. John john cleveland los angeles saint. Louis wow so it's true mason's four having fun hori coupla guys got one who was the rams all time. Winningest coach john stone. Check knock no mason. It has got to be john. Robert yes john robinson son of a this is fun. You having fun too fun bergen. We can't help it if you're a dope rams have had number one overall picks the draft seven times name three seven john number one overall pick three out of the seven jared goddess number one. Three marshall faulk was yeah now nature. More I'll give you hints the end of a quarterback and a lineman quarterback lineman line. Boy he's a hall of famer. Great lineman greg. I'll say orlando pace. Just was the other quarterback quarterback. This is where. I'm going to get misery. Jim everett. no okay. Three mason mason quarterback. I know it is. Yep can i guess you're the first two and it's gotta be yes that's right that is bradford was a bust yet hurt. Yeah to mason at six. And i have three. How many got left my coach about four or five six okay. Which rams receiver has the most catches in a career. John john tory no greg greg henry. No mason basic Isaac bruce yes. Very good after sunday's win. How many wins does make may. But they have as rams coach mason. Thirty four greg. Greg forty for at the win count on sundays accounts counting that one. I think greg was pretty close. I'll go forty five or hey. I'll say forty three forty nine forty. Listen to this more carefully. This is a good one. And nineteen seventy two. The rams were purchased by this owner. Who son john john. The you with the name of the owner older. And i didn't finish a question. You know you're gonna get you. Don't get to the question. I know you don't get there. That's the question i'm going gonna say carroll rosenbloom the sun was steve in the wife was giorgio and nineteen seventy two. The rams are purchased by this owner. Who son now runs another. Nfl team and the buyer of the rams traded the team for rosenbloom team who was the buyer and which teams were the rams traded for and it's worked for the ramps somebody on his son now runs the team. That base marvin demo. No no no. No i if nobody gets a mike like i think you should get it because we're gonna point for it but you can get it. Yeah i don't know it was the buyer it was they switch with the coal and it was the irsays jimmer robert say and the rams. Yeah i remember that. Now that's crazy. I do four more. I got them all to catch. Mason amazing gets any wins. Who is the rams all time. Sack leader deacon joe. No it's a little known fact. That's the hint. It's a little known fact that he is basically use the rams little little yep little last name is lenin little. Let them credit for that. No you just said little. I i got i got the name right. Name before members of the fearsome force john merlin olsen guess dekom jones. Yep lamar lundy. And i don't know who the other guy jack youngblood note i'll give you guys a fearsome foursome. But he was very famous and he has something to do with robert kennedy. Oh it's racing basin rosie grass. I mason wins game michael. Yeah good game. We can't help it if bergman is on the ramp station and knows nothing about the history of the rams absolutely not raider fan. What backup quarterback. Right now yeah the backup quarterback for the. Oh it's Wolf journal current stuff. Kurt ramps yes. He just didn't know history all right. I guess it's over. It is basically your ramp stuff. I take it all back. You got now meets. You have three got four now in five mason for ireland three or hey two on friday. They start counting double. That's right all right. that's it for us. we're back tomorrow. Twelve fifty five sharp georgia's next. Put your hands up seventeen espn..

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