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Believe therefore law. Because you know, you know, like, you know, like, I don't ever talk about them days. You know, like when I was playing and stuff like that, man. You know, probably talk about how family when I. Like like my face. I tell you overload. They can do king. So he he don't he don't play Airbnb that on this one. Say on the show. They let quick. Hilarious, man, y'all. I mean, the the way just vibe with each other and everything man, then the last one I gotta ask you about just just vibe in with Steve like like like, it's like you could tell. When I remember growing up watching Steve. And he he he was all like to me like, you know, Martin got a certain way Diogo, but still resist the things I remember him as for as far as comedy go. No one told church stories like him. No, man. He was too. About the building funds stuff like before the man. No one are hours. Do you have man? He's just a great storyteller, man. I mean, he just know how to eat how to paint a beautiful picture of what actually happened, and you could see it. You can see it, man. Like, you know, like. Like, you know, when he talks about his his niece getting married, you know in the boy was on house arrest. Oh. That was holding. World. And he's laying was thriving. He was too far away from house man and say don't wanna be this way through. And if all come on, we leave. Relieve. And then they said and now the other. Over here where they ain't got the money from the deal. All chicken started coming out..

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