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News radio 6 10 w i, o Dean. All right, thanks very much. Another warm and human, but otherwise a nice start to our day, This Afghan party called these guys 50% chance of storms. And it's gonna be hot. Well, according to what I'm reading here, it says, Load the mid nineties, according to Ken Boone, right around 90 degrees, So take your poison. 8 21. Let's check our businesses and Bloomberg Baljic warranty. Jeff Jimmy, economists said. Goldman Sachs are less optimistic now about the pace of the economic recovery. They lowered their forecast for 2021 because of the spread of the covid 19 delta variants, fading fiscal support and the ongoing supply chain disruptions. The experts see some expansion shifting into next year. They slightly raised their outlook for 2022. The Boeing 7 37 Max, is now cleared to fly in Singapore officials lifted the grounding of the airplane over the weekend. Singapore is the latest jurisdiction to end at 7 37 Max band. China has not yet cleared the jet for commercial flights. Ryanair has ended negotiations with Boeing over a major 7 37 Max order, the companies could not agree on pricing. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that deliveries of the Boeing 7 87 Dreamliner probably won't resume until late October at the earliest defects that were discovered in July have disrupted the Dreamliner programme. Back to you, Jimi. All right. Thanks very much. Well Attorney General America, Garland said yesterday that the Justice Department will protect. That's a quote Protect women seeking an abortion in Texas as federal prosecutors continue to explore options to challenge the state's new law, the newly enacted legislation bans abortion at six weeks. As enforced by allowing private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone involved in facilitating abortions, such as someone who drives a woman to a clinic to get an abortion. For at least 10,000 Bucks Grown, said those trying to access abortion services will be protected under the freedom of access to Clinic Entrances Act law. Which bans physically obstructing or using the threat of force to intimidate or interfere with a person seeking reproductive health, health health services. The hell with the Supreme Court. Says the Democrats hell with them. You know how many Americans have been killed since Roe v. Wade began Her abortion. 61 million. 61 million Americans. About a quarter of our population. And and who wanted America, Garland to be the on the Supreme Court. Oh, my gosh. This you have to respect at first, even if you don't like a decision. A 33 year old former Marine sharpshooter is being held without bond after allegedly, um, invading the home of strangers and killing a woman, three month old baby and two others in Lakeland, Florida. It was early Sunday morning. He surrendered after a gun battle with police and an 11 year old girl was rescued from the home. Had been shot seven times, while authorities said Brian Riley might be mentally might be mentally ill and told police he was hired. Men myth amphetamine At the time of the shootings, and his girlfriend reportedly said he'd been saying that he could communicate directly with God. And they say he, uh, might be mentally ill. Oh, okay. I mean, that's the probably have people aren't willing to blame metal mental illness for these things. You want to blame the gun. But not the mental illness. Might be mentally ill. He's up there to have a chat with God and God tells him to go kill a three month old baby. Is that right? Yeah. Whole thing is just tough to make me crazy. It just is. And I'm not a gun person, either. Boiled boy. When when I look and I see things written like this. And I think of our our our press our so called press. They've all they've taken sides. All right, They've taken one side. Other job just isn't 26 miniseries going to go to a sportsman's man what you got for me. It's came week for the Miami Dolphins as they begin that, working on their game plan for the trip to New England for Sunday's opener against the Patriots, Covid already playing part of the team's preps, starting left tackle Austin Jackson tightened.

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