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Yes. Yeah. Harper there's the. Culture both fifty so right, yeah! We can read yourself I. I can't do it. I can read myself, or we could read Nicole also. Call. Yeah Okay, but AKIVA AKIVA. Pushing fifty is the last time that he physically exerted himself in two years. There you go. Lamb words for fifty or push out. Gene I'm sorry that Becky is a is. A hot today. Genie got anything else for for beckoning. What do we want to go after here? Becky is? Rob is a tough is a tough one to try, and now there's so much. There's so much. What do I, WanNa. Say here. Joe Joy. You just met rob. What do you? What do you think? What should we go? What stands episodes the bobbleheads behind them. What's dancing? I was. That's what I was doing to. Joy I'm sitting here. Thinking like the fact that you know the bells, not the only thing that's broken or something like that. I, don't like I don't know if like. Trying to come up with something like that. Like Oh, yeah, like looking at something about I mean not actually necessarily always true. I guess, but say something like any. No Rob I can tell that. By looking at your face at the bell's not the only thing that's broken or something like that knows something. Good.

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