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Let's close out the conversation. Mark is such a fun card, and that's why was kind of bummed that weather might impact the Louisiana just seventy five thousand, but boy, you got you got a bunch of you know, serious orces lined up. I get about five thousand dollar field to me. I don't know. Audible duty is perfect fairground won the New Orleans handicap to fusions ago, well said there was confined anything wrong there. He was banned off, you know, in his last start. He said, you know, the precautionary and and he's fine. His his Luke is classic first time back after you know, good run in the Stephen foster. You know, it was okay in binder biscuits. Ran a really strong race that day I thought, and I think it will do you can win but they're five to two. He's I mean, I'm thinking he's probably never get back is very bad because he was great in late sixteen and seventeen. So yeah, he can win. But. I'm not I'm not I'm not that jazzed about him at the price gold who walk them who has been a fabulous worth or west. All the I mean, maybe he's got four turnaround into by just haven't seen any spark recently, silver dust. They cross entered him in the criminal. Brad wind turbine case that comes off if it doesn't as soon as one actually did not ask Brett specifically about that. So that is not from reporting. That's my sump Shen pioneer spirit. I will say from my reporting Brad Cox that he plans running him in the Bradley Turk dirt. So unless there's been a change in the last two days he will be coming out of this race Fatman. There's nothing wrong with his form will probably be a fair price. Again, Tom ties go into Pegasus, and he's tons. They got plenty of talented anyone in that kind of form in this race. And that's. Horse that eating less time hard punch for Cox. He ran a big number last time at Remington is those Dr for Cox, so big some speed figure metrics that I wonder, you know, if he might be susceptible to bouncing here, if not he's got a solid chance. But I I took a little shot on top old snappers in Clare who just you know, a little less than a year ago. Ran really strong race. In the ridden star it, you know, at this distance this trip is that he really kind of been, you know, scattered about in since his comeback the turf sprint in work at all he ran into lone rock who came back and wanna steaks, and you know, when he improved at Churchill and then last time got hooked into fast paced took a little bit of back. But you know, the pattern to me and what he's done before it figured around suggests he can do better. Hopefully it higher than is nine to two listed on. Terrific Carter racing and hopefully the thunderstorms. Skirt the the racetrack. And we get as good a hair surfaces as possible because it's mighty entertaining. And I I guess I should actually ask you about the Bradley as well, assuming if we have these. That it'd be great wide open. Yet that horse is fabulous for me. It's not after four races in a row. It's not it's not really fluky any longer. I mean, these just improve force for no way. Ran a big race to beat him. At in Kentucky downs did beat mis- mister misunderstood. And then he he he was beaten into like three something by next year in the shed while turf mile. But then when next year one real, you know this month that kind of prove to that for him, and he just crusts unless time in the Dilip Burgo now the pace if pioneer spirit doesn't need run here. He's he's going to go to the front. So this source is gonna have to take a little bit of a sit. But the rain probably only going to help him. I'm the trainer Connor Murphy. And the jockey James Grant of both said disorders doesn't like he's been fine and firm, but he doesn't like it that well he wants a little bit soft..

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