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Show before talking, about her story of immigration. How difficult illegal immigration process was her was for her but this. Is a different kind of story Helen Raleigh first of. All welcome back, to the show Oh Helen are, you are you got a little cell phone, problem, there. So so talk, to me one more time You know what I'm gonna. I'm gonna put you. On hold Helen and I'm. Gonna have a grant call you back real quick because it's real it's not so. Good so. I'm, gonna, do that? Let grant call her back and then we will, try and get a better connection but Helen Emigrated over from China and decided. To pursue a masters of business an NBA and applied and was accepted, to the school of business at, the university of Wyoming so she got on a bus and she. Came from New York and she did her masters of business administration program with with or at the university, of, Wyoming, so, when she saw. This story that we're going to talk. About today she was not. Happy about, it and this is one of those things that, you have to wonder why when we're going to reach peak ridiculousness when we reach a point where we finally all just say okay enough. Stop stop the madness we just need, to sort of regroup and this nonsense is nonsense so Allen I just gave. A little bit of. The backstory but I didn't. Tell exactly what happened your column today in the federalists dot com is about some. Blowback that University of Wyoming is getting I tell my listeners about that Right so university of Wyoming is my. Alma matter and they just rolled out a fantastic recruiting. Video and basically the message is the war, needs more cowboy really the board these people with cowboy spirits and they gotta push back immediately from the social Justice. Warriors because they believe the phrase cowboy, means. Only white male so it'd be excluded minorities and women etc and they try to force university of, Wyoming to cancel dot.

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