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Welcome back this is the Ben Shapiro to well the media are in full on protect the precious mode this of course is a was with Lauren and she must be protected at all costs protector she special she's deserving of your love and yeah good thing she's kind of terrible insure her gender is radical and garbage but she must be protected the best are going down this from The Washington Post naturally I met visor in and once the quote is Elizabeth learned angry and antagonistic or our rivals dabbling in gendered criticism these no one has ever been called a green antagonistic before you know that no candidate I give you search Donald Trump angry on Google zero results but if you search Hillary Clinton and Randall billions of results you know if there's never been an angry Republican before ever ever but apparently it free for all if you criticize Elizabeth Warren as angry because her which is like fifty according to The Washington Post over the past few days two of the two leading male candidates in the democratic presidential primary race Joe Biden and people judge have escalated separate lines of attack as they attempt to counter the field most prominent senator Elizabeth Warren is antagonistic and angry maybe because she S. he's also an uncompromising leaders they are you suggesting that if you're the nominee would harm the party the must win states in the upper Midwest the new attacks marking a more vigorous stays in the race get it something far beyond her policy positions and into the most front areas for a female candidate is she likable on this is where you get into the ridiculous stupid argument over whether if you mention that a woman is unlikable then you're sexist okay like any club a char closure likable I want to be called the Charlie she seems like somebody could probably hang out with if you want to run a binder at you right you'll get to see Gabrielle she's still kind of cool he could you can hang out with her Nikki Haley greatly lover very likable I was born just like which is a Harvard law okay I was there was like people like a man that is somebody who I would love to hang out with Elizabeth Warren is more like steer clear of Elizabeth Warren ratio she was a popular professor don't get me wrong but it wasn't like people were dying to be in her presence **** that never Elena Kagan was far more likable Hartley people want to hang out with Elena Kagan right Democrat lefty now the Supreme Court she's the dean I was born was was known as sort of a really harsh person back then if you say that then it's because you're sexist The Washington Post is pushing that argument is treacherous given the many Democrats remain upset over what they view as sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton the parties last nominee Warren's allies view the language being used against her as constructed to be particularly devastating for female candidates and beyond the policy divisions between her and her rivals so you can call Joe Biden to all you can see the people judges to rehearse you can suggest Beto rugs radical because he is and he's terrible because he is but he's Elizabeth Warren is unlike what which she obviously as as a up it's because she's it's because she's a woman isn't it and you hate women you hate him women's activism according to The Washington Post driven in part by Clinton's loss has fuel social and political movements evidence in the media campaign and election results during the twenty two mid terms and on Tuesday night but it also comes as Democrats worry about turning out voters many of them white working class in mail in states like Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin judge laid the groundwork by criticizing warns my way or the highway approach and she just recently she's so absorbed in the fighting it is the fighting with a purpose again true should be going after every other Democrat saying that they're basically sell out to the right today by launch an attack saying that she reflects an angry unyielding viewpoint is cracked and our politics again true Amanda hunter the spokeswoman for the barber leave foundation says quote labeling the woman angry or emotional or shrill is a well worn strategy when it comes to attacking women's qualification to serve in an office god that and then I I love this this is it listen to this from The Washington Post against objective journalist thing so much journalism in the journalism getting all over the place they just they just Star journal as many can't stop the journalism is a branding more an angry thought particularly off key to those who have watched her closely I know I'm watching closely and she is a tough lady Johnson stands for hours in line to take photos with supporters grinning thousands of times in a row while you mean she was in a photo line well that means she's not angry her candidacy I mean she's a excel vis they don't sell these and while her rhetoric can turn hot is the Washington post's particularly when directed at banks of corporate interests it comes across Morris frustration at the problem she sees that anger all my god wow well the journalism is just it's getting on the walls now it's on the floor the journalism is everywhere stopped you're listening Washington post I love that that that's the objective journalist saying her rhetoric concern hot but it's more frustration and anger well maybe it's an angrily most people I know when they're frustrated they're kind of pest those are not mutually exclusive hunter says nothing she's doing seems to be telegraphing that she's angry it seems that doesn't have to really coming from somewhere else summer else sex but supporters rejected any notion his language and Texas undertones it pointed his record on women's rights and suggested in any outrage should be reserved for instance is there actually sexist Carol Moseley Braun a woman said if I said those things better when because Texas here's someone who's been all those years fighting for the rights of women and now you turn in some insensitive war it's crazy that's the circular firing squad and of course it's true Simone Sanders combine adviser says I was asking for straight answers on healthcare escalated to V. P. by not having a place in the democratic primary it's absurd let's not have another time a high level policy debate mean more literally said that he was running in the wrong presidential primary that seems kind of past doesn't it it's just it did even Alyssa Milano who's out there we're in the handmaid's tale outfit even she says this isn't sexism we're having a substantive debate on our country's future this is part of it Liz Smith adviser to Jack says this is one hundred percent to comment on the dysfunctional state of politics in Washington it's a contract you've been driving with his Washington competitors since the day he got in the race any suggestion to the contrary is wrong a hundred percent right but she's gonna play the you only don't like me because you're a sexist which of course is not off putting it all not off putting it all when somebody says to you yeah it you you're jerking like what that seems kinda angry seems kinda nasty like well the only thing that the sexist wait while voters they're solid solid stuff political also is playing defense for was before not just the Washington post because the attacks are coming as I said earlier this week she's vulnerable and the media are the only people can protector and they're stepping in like gentleman to protect the lady Elizabeth Warren it's not sexist at all by the media to do this in a way they would never do from an ever ever ever ever we get to that in just one second first in that time got offer braces is great right right I never wear braces again metal mouth is gone I'm on the prowl and then twenty years later you have more entertainers at all and he's also looked out of place in a molar slashing tripping those front teeth maybe it's time to get some wires right not not the braces the brace is a really ugly you don't want to look like a fourteen again and wonders in clear liners candid has a liner if you don't straighten your teeth faster than traditional wear braces treatment takes just six months on average inexperienced orthodontist licensed in your state create a custom treatment plan then they say the three previous you can see how your people look after you're done Canada liners are comfortable removal completely invisible can.

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