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Destroyed. All are sort of infrastructure for a couple of weeks. It was amazing is really i mean that's a product marketing at one is like take. The use case is that people don't know about yet that in front of you know people in a creative way. I mean like it same thing same thing with wag with like. Did you know that x. Type the dog it goes <hes> goes to the bathroom more than the other dog like you're actually educating and informing people of just how to the live their life but your product is is at the end. That's one of the solutions yup exactly you talked about one campaign you know in our prep that you lower the price of one one of the products can show that sure <hes> snap fish used to be the standard price of twelve cents a print. It all seems so quaint now we we spent months deciding deciding. Do we want to lower it to nine cents print because the idea was that we potentially would have such volume growth because people are very fairly price sensitive to the cries single go double digits. Yes e- exactly this time it is it is and it had an amazing effect on the business really kind of kind of grew that part of the business quite a bit there or others within the industry that were really kind of upset because i thought we were commoditisation commoditised industry but for us we really trying to basically have more pete really more democratizing sizing them commodity right. Let's let's make this available so everyone can afford to just print more but i think it's funny that i think a lot of the competitors when you do certain things that you know when you drive. You're driving your competitor's crazy. It's probably a sign that like you're either doing something really dumb really right and it mehta's both yeah. That's what i say. We're used split testing. How are you doing now. What were the type of like. Were you paying for digital ads where buying t._v. spots redoing that. One was actually very hard to split test. We knew the impact that doing pricing on a promotional basis would do so we had all that information but the question is what would serve in everyday low price strategy so again. We built out a bunch of scenarios but we we basically had to just sort of jump in and do it. There was only so much you could task again at a lower everyday price. I did what about existing customers where people like happy upset. I mean i guess existing customers are gonna keep buying anyway like you know this was across the board. This was for existing. It's not i just an acquisition campaign for existing new customers. Wow so basically existing customers selling found out like hey going forward from now. It's nine cents a print and again. There volumes went up quite a bit as well. I wanna talk about your c._m._o. There for a little for years right longtime. Tell me i mean we. We've talked a little bit about games games on the on the podcast before but this time of epic growth for the gaming community with the rise of mobile low to look to pick into some the best practices that you saw marketing games so this one was really interesting. I <hes> you know our our main products..

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