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A shooting at a mall this is the six thirty report on Matt Rees breaking now bullets flying during the holiday shopping season this time in Oklahoma City where police say a fight between two men at a mall led to a shooting we heard one gunshot and then it a woman screamed we heard four more and everybody started running towards the emergency exit one person injured at the Penn square mall in Oklahoma City let's get a look at the roads now the latest traffic and weather together from the you see health traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care and outstanding patient experience as they've re opened eastbound Ronald Reagan between Hamilton Avenue and coloring that following a vehicle fire that resulted in a broken down there's an accident on Springdale road near blue rock and some heavy your spots remaining nor seventy five between two seventy five and the cat in the hill between metric Michelin paddock southbound at shepherd to Galbraith than liberty to the bridge you having or seventy one stop and go from Dana to the Ronald Reagan and south bound between above two seventy five and Montgomery road I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred W. O. W. now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. got it tonight clear skies a low down to twenty four tomorrow mainly sunny my high of forty five and then at night clear skies and twenty eight from your severe weather station.

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