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There remains. The question is to what legalisation at a national level might meet for Canada. On top of that, there are reports that. That suggests that supplies running low because cannabis takes time to cultivates the point of being saleable and their long lines on the block and things are running out supplies, running out. I wonder what kinds of additional unintended consequences we might keep an eye out for? Well, you know, the Canadian medical association journal call this an uncontrolled experiment. So we're going to, we're going to find out a lot of things about this, but I, I must admit, I'm not that surprised when you can walk into the major states the United States like Colorado or California, and they're dispensaries for recreational marijuana everywhere. I think this is a trend that's happening all over the United States, and it's gonna. It's gonna. It's gonna keep going because people are going to realize there's a lot of money even when you tax marijuana and the use happening anyway. And putting these people in jail is probably not the best use of public funds. So I say as part of a continuum, I think it was kind of inevitable that are progressive neighbors to the north would probably gonna jump on this on this, but I just been struck by going around the country and see states where. This is already happening and everyone kind of frogs. It's not a big deal. Yeah, this doesn't seem James to have the kind of energy. I mean, it's not like the fight against prohibition. You know where it was considered this major like issue about liberty. And of course it helped spur the rise of organized crime. If you've never seen the Ken burns documentary, what are you waiting for? Go see it. This feels very much like something that was just kind of a matter of time like, yeah, they legalized. It was going to happen sooner or later. That's my sense to. Yeah, that is the trend is pretty clear in this country and and Canada Canada's had medical marijuana since two thousand and one. It's very popular so to not out on a limb by endorsing this. So I think it's it's kind of inevitable. Yeah, not one of the loudest most aggressive social movements with regards to the legalisation of cannabis. A much more impactful movement that has reverberated around the world is the metoo movement, and we should talk about that before time is up this week, m j Akbar who's the minister of state for external affairs in India, less. Left that post after more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault and harassment also in India this week there, but protests and violence met by that. Any woman trying to enter the Sabari mala temple in Kerala state in India, groups of conservative Hindu men threw stones and attacked women and journalists who tried to get too close. Let's start with the story involving m j Akbar Hays. How have we seen the me too movement play out in India or is this just the beginning of its effect on men in power? I think so. It's it's interesting because the metoo movement really kicked off here in the United States a year ago. And for a while, I know that our reporters at least were watching Indian waiting and wondering, when is it going to affect this culture where we were so sure that it would finally have an impact. And now in recent weeks at has finally like grabbed the country and shake it. We've seen all started with one actress, one Bollywood actress coming forward and just it's been a tidal wave of accusation since then women taking to Twitter and being unafraid to name their alleged abuse, abusers and salters by name, and just being really willing to step out and do what the Indian courts haven't done before, which is try to bring these men into account and it. It's really interesting that m j Akbar is one of the first ago considering he had such a long run in the Indian journalism seeing and the most of the women who came forward about him were fellow journalists, fellow reporters. So I feel like that ended up of credence to these allegations, and we'll see whether in the future they the, the women who are lower down on in social status..

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