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Adam Copeland with we games in the park. Mardian copes for your chance to win round trip. Airfare from Hawaiian airlines Hawaii flies with us live from a public house patio at oracle part tell you I on K and Biard six eight. The sports leader, excuse KNB are six eighth. San Francisco verte max daily dose of weekdays at eight fifty. K. ASEAN HD, two San Mateo, good morning. The following program is being paid for by liberty group LLC and the views and opinions of the host, do not necessarily reflect those of this station or is ownership. This is protect your assets with your host has featured in Forbes magazine. David Hollander, chairman, and founder of the liberty group LLC now broadcasting live from the protect your assets studios in downtown Oakland. Here's this man. Welcome to protect your family Hollander. It's so great to be with you here. I almost. Wonderful weekend. Joining us for the first time, welcome. People around here. This year, the jingle they call me the sand man. Why is that? Well, it's because I have my listeners sleep well at night. Financially their most troubled legal or financial questions every single week..

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