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On the Austin salvation army last week a positive test results came back for a person who was staying at that shelter in the wake of that salvation army major Lewis rec line tell CBS Austin several employees have had to be quarantined and several others have chosen just not to come into work who are in there all day every day to help them to a manageable and comfortable that's worse affected us the most workers who didn't show up this week haven't quit permanently but they are staying away for safety reasons fourteen others who were staying in the same dorm is that infected person have been quarantined as well Patrick Osborne newsradio kill BJ crown plaza hotel downtown will soon be used to quarantine and isolate the homeless the Austin monitor reports the city of Austin will pay to use the two hundred ninety two rooms in that hotel Austin will also close on its purchase of the roadway in April seventeenth it will take one month to convert that hotel to a new shelter for the homeless the city of Austin has a new system for builders and construction companies to find out of the city will allow their work to continue the Austin monitor reports the system opened online last night the real estate counseling construction companies are still reviewing the new rules they have not yet commented mayor Adler's rules on construction have been heavily criticized by the industry the city is identifying nursing facilities for use in the corona virus outbreak the city's Dr Lina prices the idea is to treat people effectively and slow the spread so they're looking at two nursing facilities with a total of one hundred beds are very hopeful that by having these facilities up and running before we had any sort of surge population that that we will be able to really protect our residents better than other communities have perhaps been able to she says of the city needs more beds they will identify the defy those in the future Louisiana says it has an urgent need for more equipment to the flow of personal protective equipment PPE has improved but Louisiana governor John bel Edwards says he's told the White House it needs to be more relief doing just in time deliveries right now were emptying out our warehouse every single night that word says Louisiana's biggest need is ventilators he's ordered fourteen thousand the number however that we've received continues to be a hundred and ninety one president trump says more than nine thousand ventilators have been shipped to states from the federal stockpile the ten thousand are being held back we didn't want to give up because we don't know where the emergency the sixteen H. like so fast it comes so quickly the president promises a lot more are in production you're talking about hundreds of thousands being made in a very short period of time Ben Thomas Washington seven thirty three here's Austin's on time traffic.

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