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Your memories of sunny fargo was a referee to work with him very much. Yeah he was there. He was a like a mainstay on the referees. Had gotten a little. You know up in age. We couldn't get around like all of us as you get older But he was referee of record. That had been there for years and years and years so you know he was part of the charlotte organization. And then you know. We heard from gordon solely. He's going to introduce The clip here. Gordon sully's probably a voice she grew up watching in georgia How how cool was it to Have the association with gordon. You know unbelievable like ban wrestling. Dick slater gordon sully. Was the voice of wrestling. You know far. As i was concerned growing up in georgia he was six five eight. Oh five buddy when he told you something take it as the gospel and for him to be voicing over clip to where you were successful in the ring with all those guys and it was just you just of shake yourself gonna. I guess i have really here. I've arrived. It's so cool to go back and revisit this you've you've been a part of all the great american bash shows and of course tony naar breaking down everything from eighty six right now. on the other show what happened win his podcast but this great american bash eighty five. Does this still stands head and shoulders above a lot of other events that you were part of and if so why it was being on a show and anna match that matter for the first time it was it was truly starting to get over and with the people and could just tell from you know from our action. You know they're starting to buy into your stuff and it was the beginning from that point. On course the payoff. I don't remember what it was for this particular show but it was far and above anything. I had gotten four in like the next week. You know. I don't normally remember exactly what the numbers were but i just remember. They pay period that included. This show. were like twice anything. I'd made so far For crockett in just from that point on. I started to make money. I mean like real money and it It put me in a position to go. Well okay now. I'm going up. And given the word i want to be in charlotte i can get an place for arizona and get a nice apartment and and start to really feel part of it because up to that point. I was skipping around here. And there and booked you know comedy radically until they figured things out. But now you're going to be part of the charlotte crew. Which means i was going to be driving a lot of back and forth and that was great. You could sleep in your bed every night and things are just changing. The money was better. The positioning in the fans is were matter and it was just charter. Signed up for us fast. Forward the next day. You're in marietta. You're in the main event with buzz sawyer in a lights out match in marietta on the ninth year in black sheer georgia at the nfc gm. Working second from the top against kevin sullivan. Which has got to be a fun match for you. And then on the thirteenth you guys are going to be in cleveland. Ohio once again. You're working with bus sawyer on the fourteenth year in charleston. West virginia This time with brett sawyer. Did you ever preference between the two working with Bra or buzz. Yeah hell brett can beat me up. That was good and did and it was just a know. Was you know making a bad. Joke tara brentwood guy that that was a good baby. Face seat sold like a baby face or like a baby face buzzwords just another. He'll coming out of the the baby face gesture room and it was a fistfight with him. Every night in a rat was read was good worker. Who was it was fun to work with them and people liked him. Let's mention that We've got a worldwide episode that would air I'm sorry it was mid atlantic that would air ano- syndicated show. It's a promo from olien aren't on the thirteenth. So let's play that one. Here are the.

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