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Well, you can look at this team last year, and they improved offensively seven point seven points. A game. From two thousand seventeen that was second best in the NFC division business. Lord. Let me jump in you and I go back to decades. You know, how I am. You know, I'm not gonna let you get away with that. You know, good. Well, there was sometimes when it was garbage Tom and the giants was sitting up Dan pattern those numbers even though he did complete sixty six percent of his passes. The fact is you also know he goes down at the site of an oncoming rush. Now, he don't even wait to get. It is not the same. And they've missed the playoffs. Six times in the last seven years when do we get to look at the quarterback, Sal paolantonio for those folks that would New York Giants fans asking this question. When do we get to look at your level of production and say excuse me would have better quarterback? There might be better results. Well, I don't know if any of these first round guys are better than ally manning right now. But I think that they do think that they have to draft a successor. But the last thing he wanted to get yourself into a situation where you are reiki for a player based on need. So if you really like drew lock, and you think he can be ally manning success, and you've done your duty diligent, then by all means take them take him in the first round. I think the giants are in that mode for sure they want. They want to find that guy whoever it is whether it's drew lock or Daniel Jones or perhaps going back up into the first round and taking will Greer if none of those players are available seventeen but as for this season, he li- manning is going to be five. He's going to be good enough for this team. This year, and he's not going anywhere. He's gonna play in two thousand twenty whether it's here or someplace else, I just talked to somebody very close to to ally. And I just reported this on sportscenter that ally, we'll be playing somewhere in two thousand twenty four somebody. And here's the thing. If you said he don't like to get hit who I get hit. Well, you know, what Why don't we so would be? many south L? Listen. First of all, Sal, I only got about five minutes left. And I got you know, too much about the NFL for me to be fixated on one team while I got you on the line so work a little bit. But don't you dare quote me literally by thin who likes to get in? You know, what I mean, he's going down at the site of a rush, Sal stolen. He liked didn't dress ereck flowers. Well, I know that I know that Erickson was was trashed I get all of that. But you also know what you've seen any line again. That's the reality that situation. But that's fine. Let me ask you this question if they had to take a quarterback at six overall. What are you hearing? Will it be Haskins? Will it be locked? Will it be guy out of Duke Joe's, which one are you hearing? I don't think that they will take a quarterback. I think it will take. I think that they will take what they're boards take. Which is a great defensive player. There's team need a stand up lush outside linebacker on the right side guy who can stand up in rush. The pastor. Now, Josh Allen needs some polish. He needs some upper body strength. He's got one move. Good move. He can improve. This is the actual anniversary of taking Michael Strahan in nineteen ninety five. So they've come away with a pass rusher. At number six. Remember, they couldn't. Rush the pasture last year. The key NFL is two things. One score rush the passer in the fourth quarter. If you can't rush the passer in the fourth quarter, you're gonna give a lot of lately out. And that's what the giants did the giants are not the only team, you know, a lot about obviously you've got Philly routes formally work in Philadelphia Inquirer living in that area. Working at that paper with me for years..

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