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River is supposed to cross flood stage formerly at about six PM. And even though that's sort of the technical flood stage. We're seeing roads in the area that have. Inundated all afternoon already. Now. The Napa river at the city of Napa and at Saint Helena is also expected to rise. Above flood stage, though, recent fun park has helped that county deal with these types of trenching storms. That's right. There is a major flood control project to protect a specially central Napa from severe flooding events that Dave experienced in the past. And so the main part of the city of Napa is supposed to go through this without too much of a problem. There are areas north and south of the central part of Napa that will see some inundation the although the flooding forecast is described as for minor to moderate flooding that being said there are going to be lots of road closures in the Napa Valley. We've already seen some of those for instance, Oakville crossroad between highway twenty nine and Silverado trail that's been closed all day and more rain is expected. How much more rain, Dan? Well, we're in for another row. Round of very intense rain throughout the evening at looks like it could peak around ten or eleven o'clock tonight. According to the latest weather models, and unfortunately, it looks like the major punch for that is going to land in the north bay again. Although the rest of the area can expect to see some periods of heavy rain. And when I say the rest of the area I've talking about all the way down to the south bay, which has been mostly dry throughout the storm before I let you go, Dan any other notable effects of this storm that we haven't covered yet. Well, I think if you look outside the bay area, there's a major snowstorm raging in the Sierra.

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