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Just a really unique unique experience, we're giving you access to a celebrity that you might just absolutely love. And I'm a huge fan of pink and talked about it. Yeah. So that's coming up. When you're the song dry. The time you had to call your parents for something utterly ridiculous. I mean, my story might be a little more common. But it's still super embarrassing. I was like a freshman college. I think my parents were nice enough. They're wonderful enough to buy me a carves. An old crown Victoria, pretty old. It was whatever. Brecca turn the music down. I just want to make sure everyone. Here's Kevin's embarrassing story in the total clear driving's car. My parents gave it to be wonderful in my girlfriend of the time. She which different schools three and a half hour drive to go see her if I wanted to a weekend. So I was doing I got about halfway there and the carts completely died, and I was stranded on the side of the road. So I did have a cell phone of the time. It was you know, for cell phone and call my parents, my dad had to come get me. And we had to get the car towed. And everything I mean, they gave me this car. But no point that I think that I would need to get an oil change your take care of it or anything. So I had it for a while never even thought about anything like that. So it just it just you'd never seen your dad change oil in a car in the driveway. I just at the. At that stage of my life. I think about it. Yeah. I just I was I was an idiot, right? And the engine just totally seized up. Yeah. The new engine probably I think that was just the end of the car because it was pretty old, and it was on the side of the road. We had a tote somewhere. We did something with it. But it was that was the end of that for me. It's not that bad. It's barrett. It's no Joe story Jill taught the jug. Integral was on fire. Laundry, and I dropped something. I'd bet down. I look up at this big jug in the corner. My garage. What did you think the big jug did did something? But I don't know what it was called or anything. I've seen them around garages all the time when I bent down and looked up. She's speaking of the water heater as the big jug in your garage. Lame inside this jug. And I thought what the world and I ran outside. My dad like the jug is I'm fired. Mike Araj Joe Joe the jug is on fire. Oh, that's your water heater. And that's what happens you're safe. But thank God. You didn't take the fire things you start spraying, you know, g magin your panic. Put the jug afire out. You didn't do it. I did the right thing. Right. Lena, you right there with Jill. Oh, man, never related anything. So hard in my life. Yes. I'm pretty smart..

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