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On the corona virus impacts on the economy and Florida at the top and bottom of the hour news radio WFLA it's seven twelve on A. M. Tampa Bay and let's get our our stories here out of the other room from the young ladies here from Natalie and Katie whatever floats their boats all right so I will go first it's Katie yeah the whole this lady apparently did not learn her lesson the first time the thirty one year old Nicole George was pulled over for doing ninety and a fifty the on Saturday night she was in a Honda pilot nineteen of fifty so she gotten got in trouble for that but apparently she didn't learn our lesson because thirteen minutes later another state trooper observed her going a hundred eleven on route sixteen which I don't know what the speed limit was but I'm guessing it was not a hundred eleven so she got two tickets within thirteen minutes of each other the old you think it's slow down not go faster I think so at that point then shouldn't regulate thing no she didn't get charged with any do you I or anything that's bizarre way I lied they found forty grams of heroin in a car only forty grams of heroin only for a I don't have you speeding up out of man no no big deal just some heroin in math Natalie what's your story people are spending loads of money on trump met trump memorabilia and it's crazy baseball cards and other crazy things are going for insane prices two thousand dollars is the average price with the trump signature on it for a baseball and now it's about three thousand dollars and this is just one of the items there's a time that they go into and I think going into the election that there's going to be more price going out for that high baseball I don't know if that's the one reference that they give me and the story so and it says an Obama baseball goes for about twelve hundred put that in perspective for you guys and bomb of baseball many here name play baseball nominee is neither is trump but well that's true well trump was quite an athlete when he was in high school please we can tie back to that I was just thinking why a baseball residential like a little desk flag or something I don't know he had us plug yeah a good one well I got a weird E. two men who refused to wear a facial covering have been arrested after getting in a fight with security guards this is out in van Nuys California in the LA police department and then they've they've got a video of it to fight this is back in may first but it was at a target store in security cameras caught at three security guards escorted two men out of the store because they wouldn't wear face covering as they were being escorted out when I'm turned around and shoved one of the guards hit him in the face second guard intervene fight broke out to the guards were knocked down to the ground and one of the victims is recovering at the hospital with a broken arm but the suspects couple guys thirty one and twenty nine years old were arrested for felony battery but you know you got a lot of the stories about how people are fighting get into fights because they're told they have to wear face masks in certain locations and they refused to do it you just want to say well don't go in there if you don't want to wear a facemask but thank heaven I was just ridiculous an older couple on plane on a plane that was upset with the passengers because a couple of them were working mask and I saw the older lady took a picture right up with the sleeping passenger who's sleeping next door with her mouth wide open like your snoring and that they went viral I feel bad for that girl I was he said however let listen if you don't feel comfortable on a plane because people are wearing the masks or you're too close to somebody why are you want the plank that you don't have to go on the plane stay home well if you're planning to go somewhere have to go somewhere you might have to go what you have to go somewhere but airlines are now requiring people wear masks and I've seen where a couple of flight attendants have gotten into it with passengers who didn't want to wear their masks but some airlines are requiring that and if you don't like to wear the mask you don't want to wear it then find another airline but you you know some people do have to fly somewhere at some point anyway to sixteen.

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