Senator John Mccain, Michael Hayden, America discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


But you're right, and the thing about it. Richard is over the weekend. There have been reports that President Trump. Nixed the idea of an official statement and instead tweeted something about the family without mentioning Senator McCain. Specifically, he signed the defense appropriations Bill named after John McCain last week without mentioning him specifically. And I think it's a measure of John McCain and his role in his stature in American life that you cannot compare nor contrast the size of both men. I mean, the president of the United States. So small Senator McCain, so huge in our lives in now in our memories to reactions, one is whenever you Patty, whenever you act small, the only person that gets diminished his yourself and the president accomplish that in spades, this week, and it was a moment for graciousness moment to reach out and he didn't. It's a stain on his character. In the case of Senator McCain, I've known him for decades. Two things. One is throwback. The idea, here's a Republican who's hanging out with Democrats. Here's a politician says unpolitical, thanks. It was reminded when we had real people a standing and stature walking the halls of the Senate. He's one of the big guys in the Senate people we grew up with. There's a lot of them anymore. And John McCain was one of them. It's also interesting to see the European and international reaction. People like macro reaching out to say public things, McCain represented an era of Atlanticism that stretches back to FDR and World War Two goes through the Cold War in the post Cold War period. He was one of the leading advocates of NATO enlargment of reaching out to these newly independent states of basically saying American foreign policy has to be about strategy, but we've also got to be about values and principal in democracy. It is striking the statements engine mccrone from Germany in Great Britain and nothing. From the Oval Office really know, and it's. Just when you think you lost the ability to shake your head anymore. Things like this happen and you basically, you can't believe what it is you're seeing in this case, you're not seeing that. You know, caddy it's very interesting. You see the comments from Justin Trudeau talking about Senator John McCain, being an American patriot and a hero who sacrifices for his country and a lifetime of public service where an inspiration to millions Canadians join Americans tonight in celebrating his life and mourning his passing. And of course. Justin Trudeau and Canadians join Americans except of course, for Donald Trump and I must say some former members, some members of my former party who just acted Hoernle and the time of John McCain's death. So apparrently that I don't want to even mention their name on this show because they are beneath contempt and you really do at the end of the day, you wonder who raised them and what are those people thinking of them now that they would kick around a man in his last twenty four to forty eight hours while he was dying. But speaking of character, I wanted to read you a tweet from General Michael Hayden who talked about John McCain's character and general Hayden and John McCain. We're not on the same. Side on many things. And of course, John McCain especially talked about when we talk about values, he talked about what America should and shouldn't do war. He's talking about waterboarding torture. Of course. We all remember that. We had some crosswords about that ourselves, but General Michael Hayden. Said, while I was at the CIA Senator, John McCain, ripped me a new one on several occasions, but not once. Did he think I shouldn't have a security clearance? Go figure rest in peace, American hero. And I think that's the greatest legacy that here you have some of the most liberal candidates in America right now who represent the far progressive left, remembering John McCain, positively. You have. Michael Hayden and others who John McCain ripta shreds. Because of policy differences coming out, calling him an American hero. This is a man that people loved and respected and admired even after engaging in the toughest of political fights because they knew that it was coming from his heart and not. For cheap. Political gain? Yeah, you have to wonder whether the people down in Arizona, you refer to them obliquely just a moment ago. Some of those people in the White House who have spoken out against John McCain over the course of the.

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