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A cute dog from Roselle, really cute. Wisconsin has a I believe like a white lab looking out front at the snow lake in the hills Naperville to and we'll met it's just amazing to think about I mean, more from Ottawa mcchesney park, Illinois. It really is. I mean, it's tremendous to me to remember that we broadcast to all these different towns are listening, and they respond and to see these photos and recognize that where we sit in the foundation the history of Chicago right in the middle of the epicenter. We're in the we're we're it started to know how expansive this area. Does it's truly powerful. So I am I really lobbying school closed again. Art shows include. Mark this down. I think Justice enthusiasm for coming in and snow in the morning. We'll Wayne I think we are high right now. Like all his energy. It's all getting used right today. And then. Doesn't have that drive. Like, we have one of those mornings when the roads haven't been plowed times. Dave. Overrode notice it until it hits the west loop. Of course, favorite my favorite. Does it got first snow in wonder lake Illinois? That's where I'm from. And someone put a pitcher from Wunderlich. I'm very throwing the really cold temperatures when it gets below zero. Then you'll be like all right? Eight twenty four hours from now where no there you go talk about that. Love it. All right. We'll take a break here. Do you want me to do this read this? I'll do this one here. You know, what's not smart making the lottery, the centerpiece of your retirement plan? You know, what else is not smart job sites that overwhelming with tons of the wrong resumes. But you know,.

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